Top 13 Highest Rated Korean dramas of 2024 So Far

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Highest-rated Korean dramas of 2024 so far. 2024 has certainly brought about some exceptional Korean dramas. Here's a look at the ones that have been highly rated by fans and viewers, and also by networks. 

Top 13 Highest Rated Korean dramas of 2024 So Far

Top 13 Highest-Rated Korean Dramas of 2024 So Far

13. Wonderful World 

This mystery thriller focuses on the life of our female lead, a psychology professor, and she's also a famous writer. However, she tragically lost her son, and the person responsible escaped legal punishment. So she yearns to have justice served against the person who got away. 

Our male lead also seems to have faced and encountered his own set of challenges. And these similarities will strengthen their connection. Cha Eun Woo is starring as the male lead in A Wonderful World alongside Kim Nam Joo. 

12. Love Song for Illusion 

Love Song for Illusion has a touch of fantasy and stars Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji. A romantic love story will be brewing between a king with two personalities and an assassin. One of the king's personalities has him venturing out as a fashion designer for a town shop. 

His other personality is a smooth talker whose words seem to seduce those around him. Our female lead has had a difficult past and seeks to avenge her family. The kdrama is based on a webtoon and fans of Park Ji Hoon have been commending his performance in this drama. 

11. The Bequeathed

A mystery thriller caught viewer's attention in The Bequeathed, also known as Family Gravesite. Our female lead inherited a burial site from an uncle who she had not been in contact with. 

The drama was created by Train to Busan and Hellbound director Yeon Sang Ho, bringing us another thriller and horror, and centers around a family secret. Drama between family members will onset, and even a detective will appear on site for a murder investigation, which seems to have many dead ends, but also connections leading back to the burial ground. 

The Bequeathed is a noir drama. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but some viewers really enjoyed the slower pacing and storytelling. 

10. A Killer Paradox 

Another webtoon adaptation makes our list, also known as The Murderer and The Toy. Our male lead discovers his unique ability. After a confrontation at his part-time job results in a person passing away, that person was actually a serial killer. 

He will discover he has an ability that helps him recognize the true evil among humans, as he can now identify those who are bad seeds. He was just a regular university student, but his life is now forever changed. 

However, despite this dark hero vibe, a detective is soon on the case. The drama gives us a dark and thrilling psychological mystery. Choi Woo-Shik and Son Suk Ku star in the main roles. 

9. Captivating The King

A romance melodrama about a grand prince who will assume the role of king when his brother passes away. The once-close brother's bond appears to be completely broken due to a misunderstanding. The drama delivers intense palace politics. 

The story also places a strong focus on the game of Baruk, which is where our leads first connected. When our female lead assumes a male identity, she is an exceptional player. A change of events will cause an incredible rift between them. 

Our female lead must fight to survive, and when she returns, she is set on revenge against the king. But fate is at work. Jo Jung Suk and Shin Sae Kyeong lead an ensemble cast in Captivating the King. 

The king's performance as portrayed by Jo Jung Suk had him trending in conversations geared towards award talks. For his outstanding performance, the drama itself was rated and ranked very highly. 

Number 8. Dr. Slump 

A light-hearted and healing drama also blends some mystery in the first few episodes where a situation threatens the livelihood of our male lead and sends him from the height of his career to rock bottom. 

Our female lead equally went through a terrible experience and they both faced the lowest moments of their lives at the same time. Bonding over past memories of their school days, sparks begin to fly as attraction surfaces between these former rivals. 

Their witty bantering and occasional bickering definitely built up a strong chemistry between them. Our male lead's lighthearted moments were so bright and cheerful. His playful gestures won us all over. 

The drama stars Park Hyung Sik and Park Shin Hye. It rates highly for its slice of life and romance among viewers. 

7. Wedding Impossible 

The 12-episode TVN drama received a lot of positive feedback and reviews for their webtoon adaptation of Wedding Impossible. 

Our female lead is an extra actress. She faces some difficult times outside of the roles she's been cast in. Her friend of 15 years, a wealthy son from a prominent family, suddenly asks her to get married and act as his fake wife through a contract relationship. 

Our male lead's brother is out to wreck their wedding for his own reasons, adding to the comedy and romance of the story. Ratings across various sites and platforms have Wedding Impossible scoring very highly even early on. In the lead roles, we have Jeon Jung Seo, Moon Sang Min, and Kim Do Wan. 

6. Night Flower 

Our female lead has lived as a widow for 15 years. And still, with her in-laws, she carries out her duties during the day. But at night, concealed by a mask that hides her identity, she hops over the wall and helps those in need. 

Even if it means fighting back, she soon encounters our male lead, an attractive officer who will share more encounters with her. The duties and obligations of a widow in this time period were probably taxing, but our female lead managed to find a new purpose. 

This MBC drama is rated highly and maintains positive viewership ratings consistently. Lee Ha Nee, Lee Jung Won, and Lee Ki Woo star in this clever historical mystery which also has some light-hearted comedy. 

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5. Pyramid Game 

A school action thriller and deep psychological drama, Pyramid Game is built on a monthly popularity poll that will establish the hierarchy at Baekhyun High School. The votes cast will determine the intense ranking system of the students. 

But when a new transfer lands a zero, students target her with violence and bullying. This webtoon-adapted drama delivers a darker school theme and stars Bona, Jang Da A, and Ryu Da In. 

Will there be a chance for our female lead to make her way to the top of the pyramid despite all the aggression of the ranking system? Pyramid Game is highly rated. 

4. Flex X Cop

This SPS action and investigative drama is an adaptation and remake of the Russian series known as Silver Spoon. The drama brings viewers some crime action, mystery, and comedy for a well-balanced story that is set around a police station. 

Our male lead is wealthy and a third-generation conglomerate, basically a shibboleth who gets involved in a case, but he'll soon be partnered up with a smooth-talking detective. But our main lead will use his wealth and connections to assist in cases. 

Flex X Cop is rated highly among viewers on various platforms, starring Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Ji Hyun, and Kang Sang Jun. 

3. Queen of Tears 

Our female lead is an heiress who is also known as the queen, whereas our male lead is a lawyer for the queen's group conglomerate. But they both have different social backgrounds. They will soon encounter a marriage crisis that will challenge them professionally and romantically. 

The drama will also have a focus on family dynamics and relationships. Kim Si Hyun and Kim Ji Won lend their talents to this business melodrama that also delivers some romantic vibes. 

2. Marry My Husband

The smashing success of Marry My Husband which first aired on January 1st, 2024 has an impressive cast lineup including Park Min Young, Na In Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, and Song Ha Yoon. 

The webtoon is equally as popular and the drama certainly did it justice and tells the story of our female lead who faced an unbearable situation and critical health issue. She will find out her husband betrayed her with her presumed friend and then a tragic incident occurs. 

When she wakes up, she is back in the past, before her marriage. Through a butterfly-like effect, she has a chance to change her future. And our male lead always had feelings for her. 

He'll now have an opportunity to express them. The drama was phenomenal and did well across many platforms which led to very high ratings on the network. 

1. A Shop for Killers 

With a star-studded cast, A Shop for Killers includes Lee Dong-Wook, Kim Hye Joon, and Seo Hyeon Woo. These top stars are in leading roles in the action thriller. Our female lead is starting college but she gets a phone call with the tragic news of her uncle's passing. 

Her life is then turned upside down in an action-packed and dramatic way. As killer drones on set and bullets fly, assassins target her and she must utilize everything her uncle taught her to survive their deadly attempts. The drama received exceptionally high reviews and is well-liked by viewers and drama fans alike. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list. Have you seen all of these 2024 dramas yet? Which ones do you like the most? You can let us know in the comment section down below and we'll see you next time Kdrama lovers.


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