Top 18 Most Anticipated Korean Dramas of First Quarter Of 2024

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Upcoming K-dramas for the first quarter of January to March


Top 18 Most Anticipated Korean Dramas of First Quarter Of 2024

A brand new year means brand new K-dramas, which include the conclusions and part twos of some popular 2023 K-dramas, which sci-fi, historical, rom-com, noir, action, and mystery, not to mention some incredible stars will be appearing on our screens. So let's Start With Number 1.

1. Marry My Husband 

marry my husband kdrama

Adapted from the webtoon of the same name, Marry My Husband stars Park Min Young and Nan Woo with a touch of fantasy, a time-altering romance with a hint of comedy will be awaiting us.

As our severely ill female lead will discover a shocking betrayal by her husband and her presumed close friend. 

Suffering an accidental death, she awakens in the past, now with an opportunity to change her fate and serve up revenge against those who broke her heart and will become connected with our main male lead, who happens to be her boss. 

But our male lead has a secret of his own. In addition to that strong admiration he feels towards our female lead, he's been bottling it up. 

2. Love song for illusion 

love song for illusion kdrama

Also known as Fantasy Sonata, our leading couple consists of a king who depicts two sides and personalities. He'll find himself opposite our female lead, who is a skilled assassin, but who happens to be on a mission for his demise. 

But she'll end up falling for him instead. Our King secretly works as a talented fashion designer at a boutique. 

His other personality that surfaces is a smooth, charming guy who's able to draw others into action and intrigue awaits them both. 

This K-drama was also a webtoon adaptation with a historic setting. The drama stars Park Ji hoon and Hong ji. 

3. Deaths Game Part Two

Deaths Game Part Two kdrama

Following up on the success of part one Deaths Game is back with the next installment when our male lead hits rock bottom. 

After facing tremendous stressful life events from relationships to the loss of his life savings, he makes a drastic decision. However, death does not take his actions lightly and instead punishes him. 

She evokes that he must live out 13 other lives, and if he survives death, he'll have a chance to live out their full lifetime. 

The thriller fantasy stars Sangguk and Park So-dam. This drama is also based on a hit webtoon. A variety of character portrayals await us, including that of a detective, a painter a writer, a martial artist, and a model, while our Grim Reaper is our talented female lead. 

4. Knight Flower

Knight Flower kdrama

Also known as Flowers that Bloom at Night, Honey and Yi Joong won the lead in this historical K-drama, which has a touch of mystery and comedy. 

Our female lead is a widow and lives a prestigious noble life with her in-laws. She abides by tradition, but at night she jumps over the wall and helps those in need. 

She'll soon cross paths with our male lead, who is a handsome senior officer. He happens to have the right expertise and skills for his line of work. As they become further involved, friendship and romance may spark between them. 

5. A shop for killers

A shop for killers kdrama

Action, mystery, and thrills abound in a shop for killers. The drama is also known as the Killer Shopping Mall. Our young female lead was raised by her uncle, but she one day gets notified that her uncle had suddenly passed away. 

This happens right after she enters college. He always seemed to have an air of mystery about him, and a sudden wave of action would shower her with bullets, and she must now fight for her own survival and try to uncover why assassins were coming after her. 

She'll use the unique training her uncle gave her to outwit and survive this bizarre set of events The drama stars Jung Wook and Kim Hee Joon in the leading roles. 

6. The Bequeathed

The Bequeathed kdrama

A mystery thriller is in store for us in The Bequeathed, which is the story of another female lead who suffers the loss of her uncle. 

She is also a heiress who discovers that she has now inherited a grave site, but the events surrounding it are even more mysterious as her personal family history, or skeletons in the closet, so to speak, will begin to unravel. 

Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hee-soon star in this mini-series, which will give us an obsessive detective male lead. We'll also have a half-sibling connection in this 2024 drama. 

7. Captivating The King

Captivating The King kdrama

A captivating historical melodrama starring Jo Jung Suk and Shin SE Kyung is set to air this 2024. Our male lead is a prince who is honorable and has a good relationship with his brother the King, but a set of events and misunderstandings will sever their once close bond. 

Our male lead traveled outside the palace and met a beautiful and talented Baduk player. But she has a secret. She's on a mission of revenge.

8. Flex X Cop 

Flex X Cop  kdrama

AHN Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun will flex their hands and visuals in Flex Cop. Our male lead is a third-generation conglomerate and with that wealthy background, he can obviously make things go his way. 

But he will soon become entangled in a case as he ends up working with a smooth-talking detective. Our male lead may seem a little spoiled. Where our female lead is a tough team leader. We'll get the day-to-day slice of life in a police work setting. 

9. Doctor Slump

Doctor Slump kdrama

This rom-com medical drama will be on our screens, where our two leads have hit a slump in their professional lives. 

Both are excellent in their medical practices, but our female lead, who, despite all her hard work, achievements, and efforts, now realizes she's no longer satisfied with the life she worked hard for and decides to make a drastic change. 

She'll then meet up with our male lead, who considered her a rival in the past. He too is going through some complications while at a low point in their lives. 

They'll comfort each other and start to fall for one another. On our screens, we'll have Park Shin Hye and Park Kyung Shik as our OTPs. 

10. Queen of divorce

Queen of divorce

A long legal drama is coming up in Queen of Divorce, and that happens to be our female lead. Having been betrayed by her husband in the past and overcoming divorce herself, she strongly helps and offers solutions for those who find themselves in unfair divorce circumstances. 

Our male lead isn't exactly a puppy. He's cute, but he's known as the German Shepherd because of his strong sense of intuition and ethics. 

These two will work together, utilizing their personal experiences and knowledge of the law to help others. They'll also have their own strong connection forming as well. Our leads are eager and kangyang. 

11. Branding in Seongsu Dong

Some people say YOLO and our male lead once lived by that expression. If you only live once with a lot of enthusiasm and an attractive personality that also matches his looks, he suddenly starts an internship. 

But this leads to conflict with his boss and they seem to be at constant odds. Our female lead is successful and the youngest marketing leader on the team, and she's also gained recognition as a legend in the industry. 

She'll get entangled with our male lead and things spiral upside down for her as an unplanned kiss has our lead souls swapping bodies in this business rom-com that has a supernatural twist, viewers can expect an enemies-to-lovers scenario as the magic on sets and will be portrayed by Kim Ji yeon and Lohmann. 

12. Killer's Paradox 

Killer's Paradox kdrama

For some backstory, he's just a college student and a part-timer at a convenience store. One night, that accident with a patron results in a tragedy, but he realizes the person whose death he accidentally caused was a serial killer. 

Our male lead will then discover that he has the gift that allows him to sense the Bad Seeds among humanity. 

As a dark hero, he rises up against these evil people who commit unthinkable acts, and he'll make them face his swift justice. But we'll have a cold-blooded and talented detective on the case and following not too far behind him. 

Killers Paradox is based on the popular webtoon also known as The Murderer and the Toy. Choi Woo Shik and Seong Suku star in Killers Paradox. 

13. Wedding Impossible 

Wedding Impossible  kdrama

Jang Dong Soo and Moon Seung Min, star in this webtoon-adapted rom-com where our male lead, who happens to be gay, is also a chaebol heir, and our female lead, a hopeful actress will soon find themselves orchestrating a fake marriage, all while his younger bro will step in and try to shake things up between them, especially regarding their relationship. 

The drama brings us a hidden identity, along with a marriage of convenience. With only 12 episodes and produced by TVN, viewers are looking forward to this webtoon adaptation. 

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14. Chief Inspector 

In the beginning, it's time to check back in on the main character, Park Yong Han, before he gains his position as a Chief Inspector. Our story will take place in the 1960s, about a decade before the original drama, with a focus on work and slice of life at a police department and the relationship between coworkers. 

In this time period drama, we'll see celebrities Lee Jae Hoon and Lee Dong Hwi, the original Chief Inspector investigative drama aired from 1971 to 1989 and had over 880 episodes during its run. 

But here, viewers will revisit nostalgic characters, and this will appeal to older and younger audiences. 

15 Queen of tears

Queen of tears kdrama

 A married couple is in conflict and has to face the odds stacked against them. Our leads have highly ranked positions, including that of a legal director for the conglomerate Queen's Group. 

Our female lead is an heiress of the Queen's Group department store, but she herself is known as the Queen. Our elites have a humorous love story despite facing a marriage crisis. 

This melodrama is a business rom-com. Celebs to look out for in the leading roles include drama fan favorites Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Hwan. 

16. Parasyyte the Gray 

Parasyyte the Gray kdrama

With inspiration adapted from the sci-fi Japanese manga Parasite, in this K-drama, parasites rain down from space and infect human hosts by controlling their brains and ultimately surviving and living inside their human host. 

In this drama, our female lead becomes infected. Her hand is claimed by the parasite who fails to take control of her brain. The two have no choice but to accommodate one another. 

Our other lead is searching for his missing sister, and our other leading character is part of the Gray, an investigative team involved with the Parasitic Life Team. 

Doing their best to solve the horror behind the parasites, parasite serves up action suspense, and horror elements. 

17. Player season 2

Player season 2 kdrama

This pre-produced noir suspense drama is an action thriller appearing on our screen. Soon. We'll also get a well-scripted touch of comedy as our characters face some extraordinary circumstances. 

Our key players are from a variety of backgrounds, and viewers can expect a well-assembled team including hackers, scammers, skilled fighters, and exceptional driving scenes by our female lead. 

As this group teams up to steal corrupt money that has been illegally gained, this network of questionable talents is organized by Song Sung Hoon and Oh Yeon Seo. 

18. The Crown Prince has disappeared

Soo Ho and Hong Ji will star as romantic love interests in an adjacent era-set rom-com, which has some royal trouble on the way. Our female lead is set to become the wife of the Crown Prince, but a series of events has her kidnapping him instead. 

While on the run, the two will face a series of amusing moments, and romance will also begin to bloom between them, but not before a love triangle has formed Bonus mentions Wonderful World. 

And that wraps up our 2024 first-quarter list. Which dramas are you looking forward to the most? please comment.


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