12 BEST Korean RomCom Movies That Will Remove Your Loneliness

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Top 12 Romantic Comedy Korean Movies

12 BEST Korean RomCom MoviesThat Will Remove Your Loneliness

Admittedly or not, we are all suckers for romantic comedy series and movies. After a long, tiring day, we are surely in need of that daily dose of laughter. So happy to provide us with some right medicine. Our Korean movies romantic comedies are one of the most favorite genres. It's time to feed our romcom hearts with these 12 RomCom Korean movies. 

12. 200 Pounds beauty 

200 Pounds beauty image

200 pounds beauty will revolve around a great vocalist who works as a faceless singer. Due to her larger appearance, she is behind the most beautiful voice, that of a popular singer, and the singer can't just seem to hit the note herself. 

This bright-hearted lip sync vocalist will face a challenge as the popular singer embarrasses her in front of her crush. We'll make our female lead disappear for a while, but she comes back with a new body. 

Giving a better experience for this movie is our main actress truly singing all the songs performed by her character? She sings so well we could listen to her all day. 

This movie will also deliver a strong message on how others look more into beauty than talent. But we should remember, beauty is always on the inside and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

11. My sassy girl 

My sassy girl

On number 11 is my sassy Girl. The male lead of this movie is a student who's placing more of his attention on drinking, picking up girls, and staying away from his nagging mother. 

One subway ride will change the life of this college student, as everyone on the train mistakes a drunk girl who leaned on him as his girlfriend And what happens next is clearly not something our male lead wanted. 

But as the days go by, he can't help but think about this sassy girl. Here's the movie where everyone fell in love with one of Korea's most famous actresses today, Jun Ji Hyun. 

My Sassy Girl will win the hearts of viewers as the characters beautifully portray a story about love and fate and the unique bond with all their differences. Boring scenes? Nope, not in this movie. And be sure to check out the historical version of My Sassy Girl. 

10. Seoul Searching

Seoul Searching

Next on the list is a movie based on a true story about one of the summer camps that took place in 1986, thanks to the special summer camp for foreign-born teenagers who will get a chance to learn about their motherland. 

A great program it is, but these teenagers will stain this project. Their uncontrollable selves will be the cause of canceling this government program. Knowing that this movie is based on a true story, seoul searching will make viewers anticipate and get curious about the next scenes. 

This movie has the power to keep you intrigued and make you laugh along as you follow the events that unfold. 

9. The Plan Man

The Plan Man

Everything that happens needs to be planned. The librarian in this movie lives by that thought with his obsessive-compulsive personality disorder acquiring germs is surely not part of his bucket list. 

Our male lead will have his eyes on a convenience store cashier who shares the same attitude in terms of cleanliness, finally mustering up the courage to confess his feelings instead of his crush, our male lead will bump into a free-spirited person who lives her life spontaneously. 

Want to hear some good music? The plan man is ready to serenade viewers with great songs and get them hooked with its entertaining story. This fun and cute movie is definitely going on your watchlist. If you're looking to watch something that's light and funny. 

8. Babo: Miracle of a Giving Fool

Babo: Miracle of a Giving Fool

Suffering at a young age our male lead survived an accident but acquired brain injuries. He lost his father in this accident and to make it worse, after a few years, his mother also died in his 20s, but still possessing the brain of a child. 

This idea does not amuse our male lead sister. A childhood friend will re-enter into the life of our lonely survivor. Will this promising pianist fill back the colors into our male lead Life? 

Acting like a man with special needs is not easy, but the actor will put you in awe with his remarkable skills. Another thing to look forward to in this movie is the lesson they'll give viewers about seeing the value in things, and not taking them for granted. 

7. Windstruck


It may be our female lead's day off, but this won't stop her from chasing a bag snatcher. The police officer caught someone, but uh oh, it wasn't the snatcher. Instead, it's someone trying to catch the actual criminal. 

This encounter will bring the police officer and the passerby together to look out for some unruly students. Windstruck is a movie made by the screenwriter of My Sassy Girl. So make sure to watch both movies to experience all the feels. 

Windstruck will strike you in the right places. It will make you laugh, and feel the romance and chemistry, and it will also make you pull out some tissues. Overall, this is a movie you should definitely watch. 

6. Twenty 

Twenty Korean Movie

Taking the number 6 spot is Twenty. Friends ever since high school watched these three men dive into their 20s and explore the new phase of their lives. One of them has a girlfriend, but his attention is focused on other girls. 

The other works in several part-time jobs in the hopes of becoming a comic artist one day and completing this trio is a college freshman wishing to land a job in a large corporation. 

These three young friends will brighten your day as you watch them enjoy their youth. Relatable and funny characters. Go watch Twenty. 

This is an enjoyable movie that will bring in some laughter as it shows you the euphoria of stepping out into the teen years and going into the chaos of a new stage in life. 

5. Mood Of The Day 

Mood Of The Day

10 years of having a boyfriend our female lead is experiencing some lukewarm relationship feelings. News of her best friend getting married will get into her head as she goes on a business trip. 

On the train to Busan, she meets a man who sits next to her, falls in love, and tries to win her heart. But what do you think? Will she keep her lukewarm relationship or open the doors for this man wanting to be with her? 

Will this movie be a whole mood? See it for yourself. This may seem like a typical story in the rom com world, but be sure to give this one a try because the acting and the story delivery will surely make this worth the watch. 

4. Spellbound

Spellbound Korean Movie

Spellbound is a story of a street magician learning about the situation of the miserable woman who joined one of his performances. His new extra on the show is keeping herself at a distance. But why? 

Ever since our female lead survived a school car accident, she sees the spirits of her dead schoolmates. So carrying this around her, she isolates herself. The street magician will attempt to find our female lead, a boyfriend, to make her feel less lonely. 

Feelings develop and jealousy even arises. Will our male lead perform a trick to magically create a happy ending? If you're looking for some horror with a mix of comedy, then Spellbound could be the movie for you. 

Get ready to feel chills all over your body, as at one point you'll find yourself laughing, and at the next scene, that little bit of horror. Here's a movie that will deliver romance, horror, comedy, and heartfelt stories to the viewers. 

3. Love 911 

Love 911

A firefighter carrying the grief of losing his wife will meet a doctor who will end up needing him for a legal case. 

This fiery, spirited doctor is facing a problem as she gets sued in regards to a failure in a patient's diagnosis, seeking help from the dedicated firefighter who got involved with the person who sued her. 

Our female lead will open a door to a new relationship, where they'll create a deeper bond and heal each other's emotional wounds. Love 911 is a movie that will progress beautifully. 

Viewers will love the character development of the leads and fall for the great chemistry that's displayed. This movie has very likable characters that will get us all attached to them, especially when they start to open the doors to their hearts. 

2. Wonderful Nightmare

Wonderful Nightmare

Wonderful nightmare on the second spot, a heavenly mistake causes a female attorney to die trying to get out of the situation and return to her normal self. 

A challenge faces her and mysteriously, she now has to live the life of an ordinary housewife for a month. Waiting in her temporary life is a husband and a son. Here's a feel-good movie that will definitely entertain you. 

The story and the bond the characters will establish will warm the hearts of viewers, and maybe even be a little thankful that this mistake has happened. Wonderful Nightmares will actually give you a sweet dream and a new favorite Korean movie. 

1. The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside

The beauty inside takes the number one spot. This movie will tell a story about a man and the mysterious occurrence he is facing. As a new day greets him, a new face will also say hi. 

This furniture designer wakes up every day to see himself with a new face and body an old man, a woman, a little boy, or even as a foreigner. 

Our male lead has experienced them all But one day a woman captured his heart and he asked her out for a date. With that, our male lead will try to do everything to keep his current physical identity. 

Here's a movie that will remind everyone that the beauty of a person is on the inside, and real love does not look at the outer appearance. 

Also, witnessed how many different actors managed to portray the same character in a remarkable way. So if you want to have some enjoyable time and a feel good movie right now, try watching the beauty inside. 

Wrapping Up

These movies will surely make you swoon from all the romance and keep your tummies from laughing. So try and take a break from all the heavy, serious dramas and go fill yourself up with some good energy and lots of laughter. Thanks for reading till last. 


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