14 'Rich Guy, Poor Girl' Best Korean Dramas Ever Made

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14 Best Rich Man, Poor Woman K-dramas

Best Rich Man, Poor Woman K-dramas

In a world where the guys are handsome, dreamy, and unbelievably rich, a poor or modest female lead is just waiting with little to no interest in them. But eventually sparks will fly and they'll fall in love. So without any delay let's start.

14. Her Private Life 

Her Private Life

In this business rom-com Her private life our female lead is doing comfortably well, and she's a secret fangirl and has a favorite idol from a popular group. 

On her time off from work, she's often capturing photos of her idol while attending fan meets and visiting locations where he'll be present. 

Her fandom aside, she works at a museum as a curator, and this will bring her to cross paths with our male lead, the wealthy Ryan Gold. Even his name screams. 

While the two start off not on the best of terms, and kind of have some enemies-to-lovers vibes, as one day he shows up to lead her team as the museum's new director, things escalate and they'll find themselves in a fake relationship and it seems he can afford anything that her favorite idol can. Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook star as our OTP. 

13. The Heirs 

The Heirs

This classic and trendy high school set teen drama, which turned ten this 2023 brings us some subtle Cinderella vibes as we have a poor female lead who catches the interest and affection of our exceptionally wealthy male lead. 

His family is a famous conglomerate group, and to make their world even smaller, her mother is his family's housekeeper. 

Our leads encounter each other while abroad in the United States, and our female lead is given the unique opportunity to attend a prestigious high school. The same school our male lead will go to. 

Many popular and top stars have roles in The Heirs. You'll be charmed to see their character portrayals here from Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo-bin, Haji Wan, and Kang Ha Neul, just to name a few.

12 Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

We have a young woman from the present day time travel back due to an accident to the Goryeo era. She'll wake up in the body of someone else, and she'll have to quickly adapt to her new life and surroundings while trying to make sense of everything that's happened in this time period. 

She's known for coming from a good family background, but she'll find herself surrounded by handsome princes, a few of whom will take a romantic interest in her. 

The story, while giving us romance, also touches on history and is full of palace intrigue and politics. Scarlet Heart might have been underrated in South Korea, but it was based on the popular Chinese drama and overall it did gain popularity worldwide, where we have a royal strongly pursuing a kind and modest young woman. 

11. Goblin


The Sensational Goblin, The Lonely and Great God is a drama that captured the imagination of drama fans around the world with its fantastic storytelling, dynamic characters, and backstories, not to mention the fantasy elements and special effects. 

Our male lead becomes a cursed immortal, a goblin forever stuck with a sword in his chest. He can only transition if the sword is pulled out, and the only one able to do so is known as the Goblin's Bride. 

Our female lead is a happy high schooler who, despite her poor family situation, which has an evil stepmother written all over it, her life will forever change. 

After meeting the abundantly wealthy goblin played by heartthrob, actor, and A-list celeb Gong IU, Kim Gon stars as our female lead but Goblin has other top stars like Dong Wook and Yoona, who play pivotal roles in this K-drama, and South Korea. 

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10. A Business Proposal 

A Business Proposal

Based on the hilarious and cute webtoon The Office Blind Date get ready for romantic shenanigans with our OTP when our female lead gets roped into stepping in for a blind date on behalf of her bestie by taking her place, the date ends up being the boss of our female leads company. 

For now, she's in a random disguise, pretending to be her bestie and trying to deliver the most eccentric and off-putting performance of a lifetime to scare him off. 

Our handsome and rich male lead is not scared that easily, and instead, he counters her with a proposal of marriage, not only catching her by surprise but also viewers. 

The hit rom com had drama fans laughing out loud. Although the trope might seem a little predictable, the romantic moments were delivered refreshingly on Hyoso and Kim Sejong Star as our main OTP. 

9. Coffee Prince 

Coffee Prince

This classic K-drama is a fan favorite for sure and sent waves with its touching and memorable story. Another drama starring Gong Yoo is on our list and seems to have him almost typecast and perfect for the role of a wealthy heir or rich gentleman. 

However, in this drama, to avoid blind dates, he hires our female lead, a tomboyish girl played by Eun Hee, who he mistakes for a guy to pose as his gay lover, thus scaring off any potential love interests. 

He'll soon find himself taking charge of a coffee shop, and as you guessed, attractive young men with stunning visuals will be the princes of said coffee shop. 

As his friendship and connection grow with our female lead, who he still presumes to be a guy. Our male lead will question himself as he begins to fall for her. She's a strong and independent woman who works hard at everything she does. 

We really love their on-screen chemistry and viewers could feel their attraction and brewing romance. 

8. Fated to Love You 

Fated to Love You

Based on the hit Taiwanese drama of the same name, our female lead is a diligent and slightly overlooked office worker. She'll soon take a brief trip, but end up having a romantic night with our male lead, a rich businessman. 

But it's not long until she realizes that she is pregnant, and this development will change both their worlds, where two strangers will now have to face the growing situation of becoming parents. 

The deep melodrama, romance, and slice-of-life moments really tested our leading couple. We rooted for them to make sense of their choices. 

Fated to Love You stars the on-screen Zhengzheng couple Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk, also known for their other dramas together, which include Family The Unbreakable Bond. 

7. Cheese in the trap

Cheese in the trap

Our Wealthy male lead seems to be the center of everyone's attention, admired or crushed by those around him, but our female lead seems to notice a darker and even cruel side about him. 

However, she catches his interest and he begins to almost interfere with every part of her life. Even viewers might hesitate to see if his intentions are sincere or if is he really up to something devious. It can't be denied. 

He does seem to take some measures to help our female lead, and sparks do fly between them as they face a slice of life in university from rivals, peers and even our second male lead will make things complicated as he has ties to our male lead's family. The drama is well-paced and stars Park Hye Jin and Kim Go un. 

6. Romance is a bonus book

Romance is a bonus book

Lee Jong Suk dazzles fans with his handsome visuals in this noona romance, as his character reunites with our female lead. She is in a stressful situation and struggling as a divorced single mother. 

She will stretch the truth and slightly lie on her job application to gain some employment, but it happens to be in the building our male lead works in. 

The two are then reconnected and we are then given a friends-to-lovers cohabitation romance. The sweet melodrama stars Ina Jung as our poor female lead. 

The two were childhood friends, and it seems that our male lead has always had some affection and feelings towards her, despite their age difference. 

5. I'm not a robot

I'm not a robot

The funny concept of I'm not a robot will give us a male lead who is allergic to human touch He's got the wealth to finance, a personal robot for his assistants and even the company. 

However, the developing team hit some snags and our female lead, a replica of the robot's appearance, will have to step in as a fake robot. Due to her own poor circumstances. 

She'll agree to the unusual situation, so she'll come to spend a great deal of time with our male lead while under the guise of pretending to be a robot. 

Yoo sun ho plays our rich male lead, and Tae Subin plays our robot with a mix of modern in-the-moment sci-fi blended with the every day, this was a lighthearted and cute, fluffy romance. 

4. Gyeongseong Creature

Gyeongseong Creature

The excitement surrounding the release of this 2023 drama has landed it on our list. The drama has some amazing stills and fans simply can't wait. 

Starring Park SEO Joon and Han So-hee will be transported back to the 1940s. Our male lead is from a wealthy background and is known in high society He's a few levels up above our female lead who is poor but determined and strong. 

She is a skilled fighter and she's also talented in finding missing people. Our main lead is famous for being the most handsome around town. The two will cross paths and his world will change as he gains more insight while being in the company of our female lead. 

3.100 days, my prince

The King is obviously wealthy and the ruler of the land. He enacted a law that young people must be married by the age of 28, much to the dismay of some who were just fine without having found a marriage partner yet. 

The story is about a king, he'll suddenly loses his memories in an accident and end up living the life of a commoner while also getting fake married to the daughter of the man who helped him. 

Our female lead is headstrong and independent in nature, and our main couple will have some conflicts and disinterest in each other before they actually fall for each other. 

The Joseon era time period sets the background for our story, and the drama stars Go Kyung Soo and Nam Ji Hyun. 

2. Bride of the Century 

Bride of the Century

A twist of fate has our female lead having an identical appearance to the daughter of a well-off family. When that daughter disappears, our female lead is allowed to take her place. 

And this sets the stage for our drama. The situation will cast her into conflict in the partnership of an arranged marriage to a conglomerate, and our male lead will begin to notice there's something different about her and this new personality is something that catches him by surprise. 

The kindness of our female lead does not seem like the woman he was going to marry before. They'll share many encounters, even including an accidental kiss. Yep. It's unavoidable. 

Bride of the Century could now be considered a gem of K-dramas. Not quite hidden, but it's a light and charming watch with a hint of fantasy. 

1. What's wrong with Secretary Kim

What's wrong with Secretary Kim

This webtoon-based K-drama highlights the journey of Secretary Kim, who, after years of service, decides it's time to move on to a better life. She'll give her notice to her eccentric boss. 

The two previously shared no romantic inclinations and kept everything strictly professional, but now he's left questioning why would she move on? 

He'll deliver all the moves and grand gestures to win her back over, but this time romantically, the chemistry will begin to heat up as they start having feelings for each other. 

Comedic moments aside, some serious backstory situations will have them closely connecting to one another. Park Min Young and Park Joon star as our main OTP. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list. Do you have a favorite from this popular drama trope? If so, let us know which one it is in the comment section below.


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