Top 9 Best Action Crime Korean Dramas You Have To Must Watch

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 9 Gripping Crime K-dramas 

Top 9 Best Action Crime Korean Dramas

Does the grip of crimes or unsolved cases call out to you? Do you enjoy piecing together the puzzle of events to solve the cases alongside the drama leads? If yes, then here are 9 crime and suspense dramas you might like to add to your watch list. 

9. Flower of Evil 

Flower of Evil

We're going to start our list with a 3-year-old drama, Flower of Evil. This 2020 title headlines with some very well-known actors. A hardworking metal worker has tried to make a great life for his family, but he harbors a dark secret. His wife is a hard-hitting detective, leaving no stone unturned. 

A terribly cruel case has her discovering something that could jeopardize her happy life, and the psychopath that she has been hunting might have been closer than she thought all along. 

8. Voice 

Voice korean drama

A mad dog detective teams up with a voice profiler to track down a serial killer who is responsible for the deaths of their family members. 

Utilizing her gifted skill, they try to solve cases while trying to catch the killer who has caused them both much grief and agony. 

This thrilling drama was so popular it was picked up for a second and third season. Listen carefully and maybe you can help solve the case too. 

7. Bad Guys

Bad Guys

In this drama, we have bad guys serving up justice. Viewers will be thrilled and maybe on the edge of their seats as we come to root for these particular bad guys versus some more extreme bad guys. 

A complicated case has a detective pulling convicts to assemble a unique team to fulfill an interesting purpose. 

Each guy brings something to the table from fighting skills, intellect, connections, and even some moments of compelling compassion. Make sure to add this riveting drama to your watchlist. 

6. The Girl Who Can See Smells 

The Girl Who Can See Smells kdrama

A serial killer is on the loose, and our male and female leads have to work together to figure out who is behind the disturbing barcode murders. 

Our female lead has an unusual and unique ability. She can literally see smells as a visual object, just as the title indicates. But as the story unfolds, she finds herself in a dangerous situation. 

5. Tunnel 

Tunnel  kdrama

Time Travel has a handsome detective separated from everything he knows as he stumbles into the future. 

Coincidentally, his work continues on in the present time as his name matches that of a detective who was to join the same department he somehow becomes a part of, but that detective has also mysteriously disappeared. 

With women's lives at risk, the team has to work fast and effectively to catch the taunting serial killer and bring him to justice. Watch closely and see if you can discover who the killer is before the crime unit does. 

4. Signal

Signal kdrama

This is a much-loved crime and suspense drama as a unique walkie-talkie connects the past and present. These strong characters certainly do their best with their unique advantage to solve the crimes before they are committed. 

This drama continuously receives strong and very high ratings from drama fans worldwide. 

3. Save Me

Save Me kdrama

Sometimes people can manipulate the goodness of others under the guise of a religious belief, and it's not uncommon for them to use that manifested power over a congregation for their own selfish desires. A family who has just moved to a new town is reached out to by this cult. 

Unfortunately, sudden tragedies within the family have them moving onto the church grounds where the religious leader is spouting the declarations of his God and he sets his eyes on the young daughter of the family, giving off some major creep vibes. 

Like the title, she ultimately says, save me two, the high school boys she only briefly met. This bunch of longtime friends begin to suspect how much danger she is in, but when the authorities cannot help because of their own suspicious circumstances, it's hard to know who you can trust. 

This edge-of-your-seat drama with cliffhanger endings will have you locked into a fully debing watch as not all heroes wear capes.

2. City Hunter

City Hunter kdrama

Hey, any Lee Min-ho fans in the house? Well, here you go. Although this drama was fairly balanced and well-rounded, where you get a little bit of romance, mystery, and action as authorities try to track down the city hunter. 

His alter ego as the city hunter has his own directive, but he has a strong sense of justice, like when he stood up for a group of people in need against some bugs in the street. 

Even I have to admit that was pretty cool. Will he fulfill his goals and also get the girl? You better watch to find out. 

1. You're all surrounded

You're all surrounded

Lisungi is trending in a reality tv series, going to beautiful places and having loads of adventures together. 

But in, you're all surrounded he is a boy with a tragic past who surges forward now as a young man and joins law enforcement to uncover the truths of his past and bring those responsible to justice. 

His antisocial behavior seems to draw in the people on his team. And also a girl who knows him from their youth. This drama balances the weight of suspense, mystery, and a small little touch of romance. Make sure to add this one to your watch list. 

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