Top 11 Highly Anticipate Korean Dramas To Watch in January 2024

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January K-dramas 2024

January K-dramas 2024

Wow, can you believe it's already 2024? And with a guarantee of many new and wonderful K-dramas coming our way, there is bound to be something for everyone. 

And what does the New Year have in store for us exactly? Well, we can bet on more intense romance, action-packed melodramas, mystery thrillers, historical and time travel themes abound. So let's start.

1. Gyeongseong creature part two

Gyeongseong creature K-drama part two

Following the success of its debut, Gyeongseong Creature is an action thriller set in the 1940s. The web series delivered an exciting ensemble of monsters, the supernatural, and fantasy horror. 

It also cast top stars Park SEO Joon and Han So-hee in the leading roles, where we have our attractive and well-connected male lead. He's quick on his feet and has impressive reaction skills in most situations. 

He teams up with our female lead. She comes from a poor background, but she's equally talented in weaponry and she also has a skill set that includes being able to find missing people. 

Together, they'll be on the trail of various missing person cases until they come upon a terrifying reality. Gyeongseong Creature has been one of the most anticipated dramas of 2023, and now going into 2024, we await the next installment. 

2. Doctor Slump 

doctor slump kdrama

Park Shin Hye is back in more medical scrubs. You may recall her previous work in the drama doctors, but in this medical romance, which also stars Park Kyung Shik, both are skilled professionals. 

One is a plastic surgeon who suddenly finds himself in a troubled situation after a medical accident. Our female lead is a brilliant anesthesia geologist. However, these two were once rivals, so to speak. He'll encounter her again at the lowest time in his life. 

She's also facing some obstacles of her own. After realizing all that hard work and studying did not allow for any fun. So she decides to make a change and these two will find comfort in one another. Other cast include Yoon Park and Kang Sung Ha. 

3. Marry My Husband

marry my husband kdrama

If you're an avid webtoon reader, you may have been following the gripping story Marry My Husband in its webtoon format, it trended and became one of the most popular series on the web to nap in Marry My Husband. 

Our female lead is a kind and thoughtful young woman. She'll discover that she is terminally sick. She then finds out she's been betrayed by her cheating husband, who comes from an equally disturbing family of poor ethics. 

After devoting her life diligently to them, she passes away in an accident, but she'll find herself waking up ten years before those life-shattering events. 

Given this new opportunity, she makes a new choice that will set things in motion to change her future by not getting married and calling off her relationship with the man who broke her heart. 

Not to mention the friend he cheated with was someone she knew. However, our main male lead is the CEO of a company she works for. Handsome and clever. He always had a romantic interest in her but never pursued it. 

Our male lead has a secret of his own. This melodrama brings us time travel and second chances, and stars Park Min Young and Nan Woo as our main OTP. 

4. Love Song For Illusion 

Love Song For Illusion kdrama

January is serving up more historical goodness in this webtoon adaptation. Also known as Fantasy Sonata. Our Crown Prince with dual personalities, he'll come to share an obsessive and epic romance with our female lead, the very assassin who was set to take him out, but she instead falls in love with him. 

Our Prince is indeed motivated toward the fashion industry of the aesthetics of the time and comes to work as a fashion designer while hiding his royal identity and working at a boutique outside the palace. 

However, he also has a painful backstory, and his other personality that comes out is known as Arche, who seems to have the impressive power of persuasion. 

Our female lead also has a secret identity of her own. She comes from a royal lineage, but at present, she goes from a concubine to assassin. 

We'll be given a fantasy theme and also a curse woven into the story. The talented cast includes Park Ji-hoon, Han Ji, and Jiwoo. 

5. The Killer Shopping Mall 

the killer shopping mall kdrama

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Hye Joon star in the leading roles. This action and mystery thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. Our female lead is an orphan who was raised by her uncle. 

One day she gets a call that her uncle has passed away, but things regarding his passing just don't add up and she'll find her own life put at risk. 

As various attempts and assassins turn their attention on her while still seeking answers surrounding her uncle, our female lead will use the training her uncle gave her to outwit and survive. 

Reflecting back on the killer shopping list, which rated highly and mixed both dark themes and comedy, this promising spin-off is sure to catch our attention. 

6. Flex X Cop

flexx cop kdrama

Also known as Gold Spoon. Flexx Cop is a mystery and romance drama that takes us to a police station setting. Our male lead is a conglomerate working under a detective. 

He simply likes to use his wealth and connections to advance his ability to catch culprits. Joining the Violent Crimes investigative team. The cases could be more dangerous than he anticipated. 

The lead detective is a smooth talker who is not interested in having a partner. However, they will team up. Meanwhile, our female lead stands for justice with a strong sense of responsibility Altogether they'll face the challenges of cases while team building their relationships. 

7. Sejak Charmed Deceit

Sejak Charmed Deceit

A historical and political drama will unfold in Sejak Charmed Deceit as viewers will follow the story at first of two brothers, a prince and his older brother who is the king. 

After making his loyalty known and also feeling the strength of the king's care and consideration for him, our Prince is suddenly taken hostage under the Qing dynasty. 

The king's interpretation of his brother's disappearance is a depressing misunderstanding thinking that his brother betrayed him. This causes overwhelming sadness for our prince. His path will soon have him encountering a talented baduk player who seems to have a secret of her own. 

She falls for our male lead, but secretly she is a spy seeking revenge. Circumstances and fate have our prince becoming king. We'll get some melodrama, intrigue, and romance. 

8. Great Problem Solver

Great Problem Solver kdrama

Also known as Persist Until the End, this long crime drama will give us some dynamic characters while also covering some darker topics and slices of life in a workplace setting. 

Our female lead is a team leader and our male lead, a former prosecutor is now her business partner. Our female lead seeks justice and solutions for victims of bad marriages and to punish the terrible spouses for their mistreatment. 

As a divorced problem solver, she has experienced having suffered her own hurtful past, and these two will have their work cut out for them. Starring Eega and Kang Kyung. 

9. Flowers That Bloom at Night

Airing Fridays and Saturdays, this MBC historical will also have you smiling with some of its comedic touches. 

Here we have the widowed daughter-in-law of a prestigious family, as traditionally she'll fall into line and live out a presumed quiet lifestyle, but her curiosity has her jumping over the wall, much like a cat. 

However she lands, it's in her nature to help others in need, so her secret nightly jumps consist of her helping those on the other side of the wall, and fate will involve her with our male lead, a desperately handsome senior officer in their local area. 

Attractive, strong, and clever. Although his luck at times might not be the most ideal, we'll also have a secret organization. The drama stars Eonni and Yi Jianlian. 

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10. Look At Me 

More thriller awaits us in Look at Me, a medical crime drama. Our male lead is a talented and not to mention handsome plastic surgeon who is famously known for his outstanding reputation and expertise. 

A particular incident will have him undertaking reconstructive surgery cases for crime victims. Meanwhile, our female lead is an upright and excellent detective who also shares the depth of warmth in her empathy for others. 

The drama is a pre-produced web series starring Lee Min Ji and Han Ji Hyun. 

11. Nightly Photo Studio 

Nightly Photo Studio kdrama

A romantic supernatural is in store for us in Nightly Photo Studio, which stars popular Joo Wan as our handsome male lead, who is also a photographer. 

But not just any photographer, he snaps pics of the dead. He'll meet our female lead, played by Kwon Nara, who is a former prosecutor, but she's now jobless. 

Shortly after meeting, our female lead will take on the role sort of like a protector for him as they face both life and death situations that will arise. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps our preview for the first month of 2024. Which January drama are you most excited to see? Let us know about it in the comments section below.


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