Top 12 Historical Kdramas from 2022-2023 That'll Definitely Blow Your Mind

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 Best historical k dramas of 2022-2023 

Historical dramas, be it from the eighties, nineties, or even something further in the distant past. Let's say the Dawson era. There's always something compelling about visiting a drama that will transport us back to another time period. 

Today, we'll take a look at some of the best historicals that aired through 2022 and to 2023.

Best historical k dramas of 2022-2023

12. Alchemy of Souls season 1 and season 2

Alchemy of Souls was airing and topping viewers' lists with its high rankings on Netflix. The vivid storytelling and character development of Capalot moves forward in a very addictive way. 

It's a fantasy historical where mages will rise and test their fates. While a spell known as the alchemy of souls Is that a forbidden magic? But there are some that are using it. 

Our female lead is an elite warrior who uses the skull but gets trapped in the body of a weaker girl, played by Jung So Min. She will become the servant to our male lead, played by Lee Jae Wook. 

However, Our male lead has troubles of his own, and his own powers seem to be sealed within him. He recognizes something special about Our female lead's eyes, and they go from master and servant to kind of reversing, and he becomes the apprentice. 

Their chemistry just wowed drama fans, And they built up quite an OTP fan base. Action, magic, and romance await you in the Alchemy of Souls. 

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11. Under the Queen's Umbrella

Through the power of education, this Joseon era set drama deals with pesky princes who often get into trouble. And the element here of having that good education and upbringing will result in positive changes, turning them into proper princes. 

Their mother, the queen, seems to be more open-minded and has a very strong personality. She was even known for cussing on occasion. She does Everything to protect and show her love for her sons. 

Even if they get into trouble a little too often, the title of the queen's umbrella might reflect of the power that the queen held and how it extended to protecting and shielding her loved ones. 

Amidst all that palace politics and dramatics, this drama stars Kim Hye Soo as our queen. 

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10. Pachinko

This powerful historical drama was based on the 2017 novel Written by Min Jin Yi, the drama premiered on Apple TV Plus and featured big stars like Lee Min Ho, Yoon Yeo Dong, Jin, and Kim Min Ha. 

The drama depicted the hopes and aspirations of a Korean immigrant family through four generations. Having left their homeland behind, they now have to seek out survival and withstand their fates. 

The cinematography was highly commended and even received critical acclaim for the screenwriting adaptation. All of this high production quality was backed up by stellar performances from the cast. It was so good, it was renewed for a second season. 

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9. The Forbidden Marriage

Adapted from a webtoon, The Forbidden Marriage tells the story of a heartbroken king of Joseon, played by Kim Yong Dae. Our king lost his wife, and now seven years later, his grief still accompanies him. 

But during the seven years, there was a nationwide ban on the marriage of single women for as long as the king remained unmarried. Of course, the marriage ban will receive some backlash. 

Our female lead is played by Park Joo Hyun, and she's a sassy swindler and the generator of some outrageous lies. 

She makes claims that the queen's spirit is still within the palace. She'll later find herself jailed, and it's here she fakes that she's been possessed by the queen in order to get out. 

However, what might have been more than just a tiny lie has escalated with more eccentric lies, and things are now getting out of hand for our female lead, especially when the king becomes involved with her. This historical rom-com is sure to make you laugh out loud. 

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8. Our Blooming Youth

This popular and trending 2023 k drama is adapted from the novel known as The Golden Hairpin. The story follows Our female lead who appears to have a bright future ahead and it even includes an engagement. 

Things seem to have fallen into place perfectly, But now she encounters a devastating tragedy when she loses her family and is accused of their murder. 

Her life unravels, but she will soon cross Pass with our male lead, a crown prince who is believed to be cursed. The two strike up a deal. He will help her with her situation, and she will break his curse. 

Along the way, unexpected feelings bloom between them, and they will continue to face many obstacles together. Our blooming youth is a historical mystery and may have elements of a slow-burn romance. Starring in the leading roles, we have Park Hyung Sik and Jeon Sun. 

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7. Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun

Arthdal Chronicles has been highly rated and loved by fans for its unique concept and fantastic story. This continuation delivers a time skip of what happens in Erstol nearly a decade later. 

Bringing about some major changes, that will impact our familiar faces, the fantasy historical was known for its strong political and war themes. 

It also had a second and third season, which aired back in 2019. So viewers are certainly anticipating this follow-up through amazing visuals, Costumes, and set design. 

The drama originally starred, Song Joong Ki as our main male lead. The role was later taken over by Lee Jun Ki in this next installment. 

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6. Haesis Shinru

Combining a historical setting with that for the love of science during the Joseon era. With the drama being based on a successful webtoon also of the same name, the pretty manhwa-style art gives us a sneak peek of the characters to come. 

Our crown prince is actually a clever scientist and enjoys watching the night sky of stars. He will meet Hae Ryu, who appears to be able to see the future. The pinpoint time period is set during Sageon the Great's reign. The concept will also tie in romance and fantasy along with some mystery. 

5. Gyeongseong Creature

A rich young man has been oblivious to the injustices that are occurring for his fellow citizens, separated by rank, and self-directed for his own interest. It would seem he's almost a little selfish. 

In a time where youth are rising up to stand for their human rights and for their just cause, they may face dire consequences. 

Our well female lead stars Park Seo Joon, who will meet our female lead, played by Han So Hee. His eyes will suddenly open to the threats of the current situation around them after meeting her and forming a connection. 


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4. Song of Bandits

Also known as Thief is set during the Japanese colonial rule during the 1920s as complications around local livelihoods and many hardships are faced. This drama stars Kim Nam Gil, Lee Hyang Wook, Seo Hyun, and Yoo Jae Myeon. 

It will also incorporate themes of revenge, a brooding melodrama with strong characters. 

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3. Joseon Attorney

Wudohwan steps into a Historical role as Joseon's Attorney, where a corrupt lawyer appears to turn a new leaf. Using his skills for good now, he'll be a great assistance to the common folk. 

While he exacts revenge through the law, his stand could be deemed justified. He will receive the full support of the commoners and rise to be their spokesperson as a hero of the people. 

The drama is adapted from a successful webtoon and is produced by MBC. While delivering the law in a historical setting, there will also be some room for romance. Our female lead is played by Bona. 

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2. Flower Scholar's Love Story

Mystery and romance will abound in this love story, also known as a romantic guest house. It will follow our female lead who is the breadwinner of her family. 

At present, She runs an inn and hosts many guests, some of whom happen to be scholars, attending nearby for their civil service entrance exam. As for many of them, their goals are set on positions of high-ranking officials. 

But some of them might also carry secrets that might come to the surface now that everyone's gathered in the guest house. 

There's also a mystery of the disappearance of someone from thirteen years ago, and that mystery will begin to resurface. The guests of the inner are sure to entertain us, likely in the form of friendships and connections. 

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Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list of 12 best historicals of 2022 and 2023. Have all of these made your watch list? And do you have others that you'd recommend to us? Which ones have you seen already? You can let us know your answers in the comment section below. Thanks for Reading.


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