Top 12 Absolute Must Watch School Kdramas that aired between 2013 to 2023.

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 12 Best School K-dramas

Today, we're checking back in on some of the best school Korean dramas, from high school to university, aliens to zombies, first love, and some crazy plot twists, there should be a school trope here for everyone. 

Be sure to check out our bonus segment where we'll cover school dramas you're gonna want on your watchlist. 

12 Best School K-dramas

Number 12. Moment at Eighteen

A transfer student with a past arrives at his new school. At first, he is greeted and even welcomed, but he's reserved and holds back before he begins to warm up to our female lead, whose kindness touches his heart. 

However, an unspoken rival will appear, and things might not be what they seem surrounding our other leading male character. The drama also touches on precious moments that one might encounter at 18. 

From first love to conflict and coming of age, we'll follow multiple character storylines that are all connected. Drama fans still appreciate the school drama and the lessons of life it delivered. 

Number 11. Duty After School 

An action-packed and exhilarating youthful drama inspired by the webtoon, viewers will get the opportunity to follow the story of several high school students. 

The main concept brings us a large sci-fi-focused scenario when strange objects begin appearing in the sky. Our characters will face extreme odds at a time when they should be preparing for their entrance exams. 

They'll find themselves recruited to join the military to protect Korea from an invasion. The quick-paced drama definitely brought about a new spin for a school-themed drama. 

Duty After School debuted with six episodes and followed up with part two, bringing us four more episodes. The special effects were extremely well done. The thrilling action sequences had viewers on the edge of their seats. 

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Number 10. Twenty-Five Twenty-One 

A slice of life drama that takes us back to the time period of the late 90s and also visually treats us to the popular fashion trends and nostalgic vibes of the time. 

Our female lead is also an enthusiastic fencer with a bubbly personality. She dreams of being like her idol, her favorite fencer, who she will later meet and face a small rivalry with. 

Our male lead has kept a low profile as his family was ruined during the financial struggle, and fate seems to keep bringing our leads together through various encounters over time. 

The drama was heartfelt and resonated with many viewers. Twenty-FiveTwenty-One also introduced strong supporting characters who helped move the story forward and gave us a great friendship. 

Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Tae RI, and Bona star in the leading roles. .

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Number 9. Go Back Couple 

A relationship that appears to be pushed to the edge, is tested when our OTP find themselves going back in time to their university days, where they're given a second chance and perhaps pursue some other attractive options. 

However, a fresh start does not entirely prevent them from crossing paths. They'll still share previous feelings and memories with each other, not to mention how familiar they are with each other. 

Will they be able to overcome their differences? While back in the past, from a memorable group blind date encounter to class excursions, they'll be seeing each other more often than they think. 

Go Back Couple gave us an adorable lesson in life and we appreciated the love that our leads shared. Go Back Couple is also based on the webtoon Do It One More Time. The drama stars Jang Nara and Song Hojun. 

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Number 8. After School: Lucky or Not

This 2013 classic is now a decade old with only 12 episodes, a youth comedy, and school school-themed drama. Our female lead is one day invited to join the Lucky or Not Club, and upon checking in with the group, she'll come to share shenanigans with other students. 

They'll find themselves in all kinds of hilarious and maybe even some serious situations. They will form strong friendships. The web series drama focuses on comedy and slice of life, and it could now even be considered a hidden gem for its light and easy-watching vibes. 

Some of the cast includes Kang Tae Ho, Kim So-eun Song Kang Joon just to name a few. 

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Number 7. The Heirs 

This now classic and trendy high school melodrama, The Heirs is often regarded as one of the first K-dramas for many fans. 

Starring Park Shin Hye e Minho, Kim Woo-bin, Kim Ji Hwan and so many other popular stars can be seen in this youthful drama where we follow a poor high schooler who somehow ends up attending a prestigious high school. 

She'll come to repeatedly cross paths with our male lead, who happens to be from a wealthy family, giving us Cinderella vibes with that rich guy, poor girl scenario. He falls hard for her, but their worlds will collide. Viewers were given multiple storylines to follow. 

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Number 6. Extracurricular

The brooding and darker school set drama touches in on many mature topics and themes. When our male lead, a high school student, and three others get involved in dangerous activities, they'll commit crimes to make money. 

This psychological drama definitely captured a lot of attention for the themes it depicted. The drama first aired in April 2020 and cast Kim Dong Hee, Park Joo Hyun, Namjoon Soo, and Jung Da bin in the leading roles. 

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Number 5. Who are You: School 2015

The school series could easily pull up many spots on this list, but perhaps 2015 was one of the most standouts of the series. 

Our female lead is a bullied high school student, but something unexpected occurs, resulting in her having complete memory loss, and returning back to school, everything is strange and those around her seem to be strangers, but she soon settles back in and starts to make friends and warm up to those who knew her. 

However, a surprising twist to the story is delivered, not to mention a slight love triangle starring Kim Soo Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Yuk Sung Jae star as our leads. 

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Number 4. All Of Us Are Dead

Bringing danger and excitement straight into a high school. All of us are dead, did just that. So get ready to follow multiple leading characters as they fight for their very survival against their classmates, who are turning into zombies. 

To start, it's not just a typical day at school. Things escalate and spiral out of control. The drama brings us thrilling moments delivered through a dynamic young cast who give us edge-of-your-seat performances. 

The drama was rated so highly that it gained a second season. 

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Number 3. True Beauty

Another webtoon adaptation is making our list in True Beauty, where an average high schooler masters the art of makeup application and transforms her look into that of a stunning beauty now appearing more beautiful than before. 

Thanks to the enhancement of her skills, she'll cross paths with our first and second male leads. And in this peculiar instance where our second male lead may take over the spot of the first leading male, which does happen from time to time in some dramas. 

The webtoon is extremely popular and is still rated highly among webtoon readers.  

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Number 2. Twinkling Watermelon

We have a timeslip drama about a boy who's been living two lives in one. He's the perfect student and his other side is that he's a band member. Our high schooler male lead will timeslip and meet his then 18-year-old father. They'll form a friendship. 

We'll have a high school setting, not to mention a cold female lead. This enthusiastic, youthful drama from TVN brings us romance, fantasy, and a youthful story. 

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Number 1. Weak Hero Class 1 

Weak Hero Class 1 pictured terrible situations involving school bullies. Our male lead, who appears just to be your average student, rises up to fight against them with a genius for calculation and earns his estimated punches. Seems to strike victory as he fights back. 

The drama also covers betrayal and the unbreakable bond of friendship. Weak Hero Class 1 is also based on the webtoon known as Weak Hero. Viewers are anticipating the second season. 

The drama stars Park Ji-hoon and he won viewers over for his strong performance in this drama. 

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Bonus mentions

  • Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo

 A sports romance drama with many light and fluffy moments that you'll be sure to enjoy. 

  • Dream High 

Get ready to sing along with these idol hopefuls as they pursue their dreams. 

  • The Reply Series 1988, 1994 and1997 

Each of these dramas, respectively, highlighted the striking moments of youth which resonated so strongly with viewers and drama fans. 

Characters faced everyday situations, and we enjoyed following their journeys from their school days to the present. 

  • Cheese in the Trap

Another popular webtoon turned adaptation, is Making Our List, a university-set drama where we follow our main leads. At first, our female lead is guarded and does not trust our male lead, who is cold and indifferent to everyone around him. 

She seems to also notice his peculiar behavior when he takes an interest in her. He seems to come on a little too strong at first, going out of his way to help her and making more challenges for our female lead. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list. Have you watched all of these school dramas? Which one is your favorite? You can let us know in the comment section below.


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