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 The most-watched k dramas ever

Highly rated k dramas often make for superior watchlist content. Over the last few years, some k dramas have stolen the spotlight from others with their exceptional stories, which gave fans unforgettable performances and characters that definitely stayed with us. 

How many of these k dramas that gained incredible ratings and equally high viewership have you seen. Stick around to check out our list. 

The most-watched k dramas ever

15. Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 

A k drama that features the scandalous depths of marriages and also divorces and follows multiple storylines of our different couple pairings. 

This drama introduces many complicated relationships through all that bitterness of messy divorce and gives a fresh opportunity to find new love and a fresh start for our female leads. 

The concept of the drama appealed to many viewers who all like that juicy drama and also who might be going through similar situations so they could relate to our characters. 

Love ft. Marriage and divorce maintained high viewership in South Korea as well as on the Netflix platform internationally. The ratings were favorable at 16.582%. 

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14. Hospital Playlist

The heartfelt and charming k drama reached viewership around the world, touching their hearts with its slice-of-life stories of a group of friends, all who attended the same medical school together and now later in life work in the same hospital. 

Viewers love seeing how they socialize and spend time together in their very own band. The drama touched on the day-to-day aspects of their lives and the patience that they helped while bringing back memorable and nostalgic songs that related well to those in South Korea. The positivity around this drama resulted in it having a second season. 

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13. Crash Course In Romance

Also known as a one-shot scandal, we have a national athlete and a math genius who face off at odds before falling in love. In this mature romance where our female lead is now the owner of a side dish shop conflicting with our celebrity status math teacher. 

They'll soon set their differences aside. The drama takes a strong look at the competitive nature of fierce rivalry and pressures among students to achieve a top education. Following more than one storyline that merges together, viewers get Romance Queen, a slightly older pairing, and they still experience the fluttering of attraction and love. 

The drama also focuses on family dynamics and also surprises us with some thrills and comedy woven in. Crash Course and Romance made for a fun and interesting drama and this pairing pad viewers tuning in for each episode. 

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12. Mr. Queen

Mixing the present with the past. A modern and day chef travels back in time through an accident and finds himself in the body of a young queen. In this period, he tries to adjust to his new life. He's persistent and not giving in so easily. 

Introducing his skills as a chef, he will challenge the royal cook while as the queen, not to mention igniting the heart of the king with his outgoing personality which is being displayed as a young woman. 

The drama was both comedic, and romantic, and had its fair share of action and intrigue. With its unique story, viewers could simply not get enough of this historical k drama with superior and outstanding performances. It really did set the bar high for K dramas. 

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11. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

A vibrant twenty-seven-year-old on the autism spectrum brought charm and delight to kdrama fans by displaying her resilience as a kind and determined lawyer who despite being different proved many of her peers wrong. 

Her devotion to delivering the law firmly and justly was evident in her score as she was at the top of her class at Seoul National University. She also shared her cheerful whale stories and seemed to enjoy telling everybody about them. 

Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh made an adorable OTP. The lead actress went on to win an award for this role. And the drama is now a memorable fan favorite which sees the day in ratings during its airing. 

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10. Mr. Sunshine

The epically delivered Mr. Sunshine was beautifully filmed, rich in details, and storytelling, and with a mesmerizing cast. Featuring a strong male lead and an equally strong female lead, we have a servant boy who escapes to the US in 1871. 

He later returns to Korea as a marine officer. He'll encounter our female lead and be swept up in intrigue and rebellion. During the Japanese colonial rule, Lee Byun Hun and Kim Tae Ri shone as our main leads, both giving full-character performances. 

The cinematic quality of filming and scripting really impressed viewers. As such, the drama exceeded viewership ratings and even received a good reception on Netflix. It's also one of the most watched historical kdramas. 

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9. Doctor Cha

Doctor Cha delivered a fresh take on the romance genre where our female lead will realize that she can count on herself and may not always need a knight in shining armor to save the day. 

Still, she forms a strong alliance with our second male lead who seems to swoop in and become our first male lead as her husband is cheating on her. Our female lead also suffers physically and needs emergency surgery. 

Doctor Cha inspired many viewers and the entertaining concept of her second chance at life grabbed the attention of drama fans worldwide. Pushing this kdrama into very high ratings, Um Jun Hwa and Kim Yong Chul faced off and gave viewers unforgettable performances. 

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8. Goblin

A now beloved and you could also say classic Kdrama. The fan-favorite Goblin is still so incredibly popular. Starring the famous Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun as our main OTP. 

The fantasy k drama blends the past and the future present, not to mention the paranormal with grim reapers, ghosts, and so much more. The well-received concept of the story delighted kdrama fans. 

We'll follow an optimistic high schooler who despite her daily struggles, comes to realize that she is connected to an incredible immortal. 

The two had some early conflict which later had a hand in building up their chemistry and set the stage for the story that delivered a good depth of character with background histories. The popularity of Goblin is still going strong. 

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7. Reply 1988 

The 2015 released addition to the famous Reply series has our story set in 1988 where five childhood friends grow up together in this family comedy. With that wonderful slice of life, life will follow their multiple storylines from school to home and hobbies. 

The Reply series has always been very successful in its various dramas such as Reply 1997 and Reply 1994. Written with wit and candor, this series continues to charm audiences capturing the familiar and nostalgic essence of the time periods. 

1988 resonated with viewers and drama fans as they followed our strong cast of characters through life's ups and downs, romance, and inspiration, and some popular stars drew in drama fans in this youth drama which also has its fair share of romance. 

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6. Crash Landing On You

Everyone's favorite accidental romantic crash. Add to our female lead on a paragliding adventure, which results in a weather incident, and has her colliding into a tree before then crashing into our handsome male lead, an army captain in North Korea. 

Upon discovering her unique situation and the dangerous consequences of what could happen to her, Chi tries to make a run for it but is soon cut off once more by this army captain. He's kind-hearted and has a thoughtful but strong personality. 

Despite their situation, he does his best to help her get home while introducing her to his friend squad, and the two of them realize they've been connected by fate. It's no surprise it received equally high viewership and ratings during its airing. 

Hyun Bin and Song Hye Jin's love blossomed on screen and later resulted in a fairy tale wedding in real life. 

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5. Sky Castle

Extreme parenting is a focus point in the drama Sky Castle where it adds some satire with juicy dramatics. And it centers around materialistic parents who through overly ambitious methods try to secure their family's success, but their actions might put others at risk. 

Situated at the luxurious residence, Sky Castle. And we have characters such as doctors, professors, and extravagant housewives who really know how to drive home the drama as they try to outshine other families there. 

Not to mention, putting their kids under tremendous schooling pressures. The twists and turns were very exciting and resulted in it having high viewership ratings. 

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4. Reborn Rich

Tragedy and disaster befall our male lead who is a diligent and devoted worker. However, the conglomerate family he trusted betrays him and even frames him, revealing dangerous corruption. 

After his death, he is reborn again in a shocking twist as the youngest son of the same conglomerate family. The dark political business fantasy stars Song Joong Ki. 

The riveting story kept viewers on the edge of their seats every episode which resulted in fantastically high viewership ratings. 

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3. The world of the married

Brooding thrills and melodramatic romance swept us away in this addictive drama which focused on the world of the married and the scandalous endeavor of a spouse. 

It was a perfectly pictured marriage and family life but was shattered by the betrayal of our female lead's husband who is having an affair. Viewers cannot help but root for her and of course, get immersed in all that well-delivered drama. 

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2. The Glory

Based on some true events, The Glory depicted the horrifying bullying case of a student by her peers who severely injured and emotionally abused her. 

Later in life, she seeks to take her revenge against these terrible people who did not repent or acknowledge their previous actions. The dark thriller haunted drama fans and viewers across the globe. 

Some who also experienced school bullying came forward to share their personal stories. The dark melodrama gave a voice and platform to them for the overlooked terrible actions of students in the Korean school system. 

The ratings, reception, and viewership of the glory soared in South Korea and abroad. The second season carried forward that revenge of our female lead, we rooted for justice to be served. 

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1. Squid game

Humans who seem to fail at their lives take the chance to win a large sum of money without realizing at first the deadly consequences that await them until it's too late. Our male lead has hit rock bottom due to circumstances of life. 

He's now relying on his elderly mother. Yet an opportunity suddenly presents itself, and he agrees to go for it. He is met by other contestants who quickly realize the cash prize is real, but it could cost them their very lives. 

Squid Game delivered an exciting thriller that took the world by storm, amassing popularity across the Netflix platform and dominating first in many countries which broke many records. This successful kdrama spawned a live-action game show as well as an anticipated second season. 

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Bonus: Alchemy of Souls. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list. How many of these well-known k dramas with a value of high viewership and ratings have made your watchlist. You can let us know in the comment section down below and we'll see you in the next post. Thank You.


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