Top 12 Most Feel-Good And Wholesome Kdramas Everyone Should Watch

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The most feel-good and wholesome kdramas

Kdramas have really brought about some of the most entertaining storytelling in the world and delivered those drama stories through an exceptional standard of quality. As such, we, the viewers, will always crave more characters, more drama with depth and attention to detail, and the touching moments that get us every time. 

Today, we're looking at 12 lighthearted and wholesome k dramas that are good for your soul. 

Top 12 Most Feel-Good And Wholesome Kdramas

12. Crash Course In Romance

This drama could definitely be considered a wholesome and feel-good drama as it depicted the romance of an older pairing. Our leads were at differences due to a misunderstanding.

But through those differences, they connected and shared a strong chemistry. As the drama progressed, it did not seem like a typical youthful romance, which could be seen in other dramas. But also in a way, the feeling of attraction and love made them feel young-hearted again. 

We have a former athlete who now runs a side dish shop and a genius math instructor who is almost more like a celebrity. They'll fall in love despite the odds and concerns brought on by others. 

They'll navigate a tricky path but find their success. The drama also strongly focuses on family bonds and friendships, giving us multiple storylines to follow in each episode. 

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11. Mr. Queen

Another feel-good drama, that blends the future present with the past, but in the most entertaining way. The drama went on to reach a large audience base, maintained high ratings, and continues to be adored by drama fans and viewers. 

A story that takes our male lead who is a talented chef and has him sent back to a historical past where he wakes up in the body of a young queen realizing he is now a woman. 

His voice-over thoughts early on made for some comedic ramblings as he navigated his new body and new life with palace shenanigans to encounters with the king. 

Our mister queen even challenged the royal chef to a cook off more or less. And while the drama also had some palace politics and some serious moments. Mr. Queen will have you laughing out loud. 

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10. Reply 1988

If there's one thing the Reply drama series excels at, it's the superb slice-of-life situational storytelling for its respective time periods. Be it the nineties or the eighties, it often depicts our leading characters in a present setting while also reflecting on their past. 

Here we'll get a chance to revisit the nostalgic setting of the late eighties. It covered the bond of friendships between neighbors, families, and friends. But it was the bond of five childhood friends that really stayed with us long after the drama ended. 

The circumstances of their lives and the hardships they face, the good days, and simple successes. Reply-1988 has a youthful and talented cast, but also some talented supporting cast members. 

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9. Crash Landing On You

The now famous love story of two of the most to popular kdrama characters. A South Korean heiress and a North Korean army captain who meet through a chance encounter due to a weather accident. 

One which blew our paragliding heiress all the way to North Korea. The handsome captain discovers her in a tree, and this gives viewers a long-lasting first impression. 

As our female lead tumbles downward, and as the title suggests, crashes into his arms, viewers will then follow their blossoming love story, which was filled with warmth and kindness that they shared with those around them. 

The friendships and neighborly charm of those in the village where our captain lives gave us warm buzzes. The drama was exceptional at blending lighthearted romance and a strong friendship squad. 

The on-screen romance was taken off-screen and this OTP married in real life and went on to start a beautiful family. 

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8. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Everyone's favorite weightlifter really drew in drama fans with her cute personality and her incredible strength. The drama shares the story of students who strongly pursue sports while striving to reach their athletic goals. 

However, it also reunites former classmates after several years. Our male lead is a handsome and talented swimmer and our female lead gained recognition a little bit for her weight, but also for her strength. And both those traits add to her skill in weightlifting. 

Finding love is a new adventure for her and with the pesky attention from our male lead who often teases her. But the two will become friends again soon. 

However, when our fairy decides she wants to change her appearance after falling for someone else. It will be a challenge for her to choose between her sport or wishing to attract the person she is interested in and who initially made her heart flutter. The rom-com and family drama is indeed lighthearted. 

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7. Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist was so engaging and loved by viewers, that it even went on to achieve a second season that did just as well. Not to mention a special or two. 

The slice-of-life medical drama focused on the close friendship of a group of doctors who attended medical school together. They now work in the same hospital while also playing together in their own band whenever they can arrange it. 

The music in some ways was the heart of the drama. But their day-to-day interactions with patients and their family members brought about some realistic storytelling that viewers could resonate with, where empathy and kindness go a long way. 

This relatable concept touched fans and viewers' hearts as the talented cast delivered strong and moving performances. This feel-good drama is still rated highly on streaming platforms. 

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6. Welcome to Waikiki

Welcome to Waikiki is a lighthearted drama about three friends who are uniquely different. These young men wish to start a film production company, but they lack the funds to do so. 

They suddenly decide to start renting out rooms in their shared guest house to gain some revenue. But these guests will change their lives positively but also present some challenges as well. 

The story moments made us smile. It also gave us an understanding of some of the hardships that our leads faced through the slice of life. Viewers can expect a talented cast with a simple and enjoyable story. 

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5. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Park Eun Bin, the actress behind the leading female character, Attorney Woo, went on to win a major award for her incredible performance here. She played a young woman on the autism spectrum whose high intellect had her at the top of her class. 

Now a lawyer, she uses her unique, gentle, but firm approach. But this might have her overlooked by some of her peers because of her autism. However, she's able to prove her skills and talent in this legal and loss at drama while bringing positive attention and more understanding about the autism spectrum. 

The story covered legal cases. It also so had many lighthearted moments and whale stories, not to mention a kind and handsome male lead played by Kang Tae Oh, who made waves for his performance in this role in South Korea. 

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4. Go Back Couple

A story about lessons on love and married life, which test our main couple who are reaching their personal limits with each other. Through a touch of magic or even fantasy you could say, these two get a do-over by going back in time to their university days while still retaining their future insights into the life they shared. 

They can now freely avoid each other and stop themselves from falling in love. However, their connection is undeniably strong, and fate seems to keep bringing them back together. They'll be able to take a different look at each other and maybe gain some newfound appreciation for each other. 

Knowing that even though life tested them once before, a second chance at romance could save their future charmingly and humorously. Some viewers really wished that the second male lead got the girl. 

But back to our OTP, we'll see their initial avoidance then attraction and acceptance, where we'll feel the strong power of love at work. 

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3. Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Based on the popular, Mr. Hong, a jack of all trades, we'll follow a slice of life set in a small seaside town where a newly arrived dentist who was at a crossroads in life is now setting up her new practice while meeting the handsome and you could even say charming handyman. 

Our male lead, who appears to be infinitely talented and skilled in so many things, he's always assisting his neighbors and locals with their day-to-day troubles. These two will be drawn to each other and share many encounters as they start to fall for each other. 

The drama stars Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min Ah. Hometown ChaCha gave us a simple and heartwarming story with many memorable side characters. 

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2. Navillera

Song Kang and Park In Hwan led this touching dance drama where a seventy-year-old man wishes to revisit his dream of being a ballet dancer. The drama also focuses on our other male lead, a twenty-three-year-old young man who is a very gifted dancer. 

These two will find friendship in each other and together face their personal hardships as they inspire each other to keep going forward. Song Kang actually trained for six months to achieve the correct form of technical aspects for the dance. 

Trying to get as close to the professional dance level as possible, His hard work was evident in Navillera, and the touching performance by Park In Hwan was really adored by viewers. 

Navillera had an overall positive message about dreams and goals that it's never too late to reach for them. 

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1. Move to Heaven

One of the best heartwarming dramas, Move to Heaven, was a deep soul-searching drama, which involved a family business and the overwhelming sadness of death and how it affects people differently. 

Our male lead loses his father, and his uncle steps in to look after things. Our younger male lead has Asperger syndrome and, as such, faces different challenges day to day, making things more difficult for him than for others. 

The duties he shared with his father are important to him in how they handled clearing out the rooms of deceased people and meeting the family members of those who had passed on. 

But when our lead lost his father, he hoped to keep his father's legacy moving forward by continuing the work that they shared. It creates a new opportunity for his troubled uncle to have a fresh start in life. 

Move to Heaven is a celebrated drama that really touched viewers' hearts as our leads grow and help each other.

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 Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list of the most recommended feel-good and wholesome dramas. Can you think of any others that should be on this list? If so, let us know about them in the comment section below. below.


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