Top 4 Korean dramas in top 50 Global Netflix 2022

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K-dramas on Netflix have been growing significantly in popularity over the past few years, and viewers around the world have also taken a liking to this material. Squid Game rose to prominence in 2021, becoming the most-watched drama in Netflix history and the first drama produced outside of the English language to win six Emmys. 

However, in 2022, several other dramas saw strong development and eventually took over Netflix. 4 K-dramas were recognized in the top 50 most-watched films worldwide, according to Netflix's ranking. Let's look back at these K-dramas that were the most watched on Netflix in 2022! 

Top 4 Korean dramas in top 50 Global Netflix 2022

1. Extraordinary Attorney Woo 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo - ranked top 8 globally 

Peaking in the 1st place is ExtraordinaryAttorney Woo, which is the most beloved K-drama on Netflix worldwide in 2022. The drama revolves around the life of the first female lawyer who has autism in Korea but is blessed with a genius brain with an IQ of 164. 

Our brave girl, Woo Yong Woo has overcome all the difficulties to define her ability in a professional working environment and also grow a cute romantic relationship with her colleague. Despite releasing in June 2022, the drama still received an incredibly high viewership of 660 million views, placing it in the 8th position globally. 

In the homeland, Korea, the drama also became a phenomenon of the year with the final episode's and became the 7th highest-rated drama TV in the history of Korean cable dramas. In the drama actors ranking charts, the male and female leads of the drama, Park Eun Bin, and Kang Tae-Oh, consecutively held the 2nd positions for many weeks. 

The drama also won numerous minor and major awards and beat all its competitors on the charts. If anyone has watched this drama, they will certainly get the reason why it has achieved such impressive accomplishments. The audience's hearts thanks to the profound meanings it conveys. So what about you? Have you enjoyed the drama?  

2. All of Us Are Dead 

All of us are dead - ranked top 9 globally 

The zombie movie genre must be so familiar to Kdrama buffs. This topic has been exploited by many Korean filmmakers and has reached success with many blockbusters like Train to Busan, Kingdom, Rampant, Alive, and more. 

Now taking the turn is All of Us Are Dead. Despite being a new release, this high school zombie drama is way too good just like its predecessors. It is even considered Netflix's most successful exclusive project in 2022. The drama was released early in the year and soon made a splash in every corner with its promising young cast including Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Park Solomon, and Cho Yi Hyun... 

This Netflix horror blockbuster is set in the fictional Hyosan High School, where the virus starts to spread out, causing a crisis throughout Korea due to the pandemic. The engaging and thrilling plot, along with a potential cast has out of expectation brought success to the movie. 

After 6 days after its release with over 124.79 million watch hours worldwide, surpassing the "elder brother" Squid Game, the drama has become a real global phenomenon. After its end, All of Us Are Dead recorded 660 hours of online views and landed in the top 9 on Netflix worldwide in 2022. 

Looking at these results, it's easy to understand why the drama is planned to produce a season 2. Its season 2 is eagerly awaited by audiences everywhere, promising to bring new and more plots. So what about you? After watching the teaser released by Netflix, are you looking forward to season 2 of the drama? 

3. Business Proposal 

Business Proposal- ranked top 32 globally 

Despite having a familiar motif of CEO - a Cinderella love story, "Business Proposal" didn’t follow the same old path as previous dramas. Are you curious about what made this seeming cliché drama still attract a large global audience? 

The drama has skillfully been developed with its own unique approach including humorous, gentle, and sweet plots that help audiences let their hair down after watching dramas full of thrilling details and plot twists. 

The movie begins with the situation of Shin Hari (played by Kim Se Jeong) - an ordinary office worker who accepts the offer to go on a blind date for her friend and accidentally encounters Kang Tae Moo (played by Ahn Hyo Seop) - the CEO of the company she works for. And then a series of interesting situations arise. 

The screenwriter’s skillful hands, the reasonable and captivating plot, which is not illogical like previous CEO-themed dramas, along with the star-sudden cast's stunning appearance, good acting, and especially the fantastic explosive chemistry from the main couple to the supporting couple have driven the audience crazy. 

The romantic love story of the two main couples has attracted young audiences throughout Asia, making them eager to watch every episode. The popularity is increasing day by day and creating a fever that spreads from Korea to many other countries. The drama's index on Netflix is 279 hours of viewing and ranked 32nd globally. 

With this huge figure, it is obvious that Business Proposal has a foothold in the top 3 hottest K-dramas on Netflix in 2022. The resounding success of Business Proposal has leveled up the reputation of Kim Se Jeong, Ahn Hyo Seop, Kim Min Kyu, and Seol In Ah, helping them earn a massive fan base throughout Asia. If you are looking for a drama to relax your mind, Business Proposal is a perfect choice for you. Just go for it! 

4. Alchemy of Souls 

Alchemy of Souls - ranked top 41 globally 

Alchemy of Souls is the first fantasy costume drama in Korea. After the trailer and the cast’s image of the first season were out, the drama was not expected to be a hit. However, when it was on  air, Alchemy of Souls out of the blue brought about success. 

The first season of Alchemy of Souls, starring Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min, hit a record of reaching 240 million hours of viewing globally, marking the huge success of this fantasy costume drama. In its home country, the show had a rating of up to 9.2%, a record-breaking number for cable television dramas. 

Alchemy of Souls marked its impression on audiences from the very early episodes by exploring a new and unique fantasy ancient world - not a strong genre of K-dramas. The drama was penned by the Hong sisters, a duo of screenwriters who had previously made waves with hit dramas such as Master's Sun, Sassy Girl Chun Hyang and You're Beautiful. 

Alchemy of Souls tells the story of young wizards who can control the world through the magic spell called “Alchemy of Souls”. When watching the drama, audiences will enjoy the eye-catching battles of the wizards who direct the spirit of the earth. 

The success of Alchemy of Souls has blown a breath of fresh air to costume K-dramas and paved the way for the development of this genre, one that is not traditionally a strong suit of Korea. What about you, do you have any thoughts about the drama? 

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Wrapping Up

So the 4 best K-dramas on Netflix worldwide in 2022 have been already revealed. If we expand to the top 100, there are even 9 Kdramas that should be included in the list: Twenty-Five Twenty-One at 61st place, Little Women at 64th place, Juvenile Justice at 87th place, Narco-Saints at 90th place, and Our Beloved Summer at 92nd place globally. This shows the strong development of the Korean film industry in recent years.


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