Top 10 Must-Watch High School & University K-Dramas

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 Hey there, K-drama fans, get ready to dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of high school and university with our carefully curated list of 10 must-watch K-dramas. 

From heart-fluttering romances to intense rivalries and everything in between, we've got you covered with the ultimate binge-worthy recommendations. So grab your popcorn, get comfy, and let's explore the thrilling realm of youth and academia together. 

Top 10 Must-Watch High School & University K-Dramas

1. Melancholia

In the world of secrets, lies, and redemption Melancholia takes us on a gripping journey that will leave you on the edge of your seat. This intense drama revolves around a scandalous relationship between a math teacher and a student, which ends tragically. 

Fast forward four years and fate brings them together again, determined to expose the corruption that tainted their lives and rebuild their shattered reputations. Meet Ji Yoon-Su, a resilient math teacher with an infectious smile, and Baek Seung Yoo, a prodigious math genius haunted by his past. 

As they navigate a web of deceit, melancholia delves deep into the darkness lurking within the prestigious high school, uncovering the truth that could redeem them both. With compelling characters and a riveting plot, this drama keeps you guessing until the very end. 

Prepare to be mesmerized by the complex relationships, breathtaking performances, and the pursuit of justice. In melancholia, don't miss out on this gripping tale that will keep you hooked from start to finish. 

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2. Seasons of Blossom

In the enchanting world of Seoyeon High School, where love and friendship bloom, prepare to be captivated by seasons of blossom. Follow the lives of five high school students as they navigate the complexities of adolescence and discover the true essence of companionship. 

Lee Ha Min may exude brightness, but beneath his cheerful facade lies a haunting darkness. Han So-Mang, along with her warm heart and timid nature, finds solace in unexpected places. Lee Jae-Min, a popular student burdened by a painful past, spreads kindness to those around him. 

Yoon Bo-Mi, the epitome of sweetness and a role model student, captures hearts effortlessly And Choi Jin-Young, though initially distant, hides a delicate personality behind his love for gaming. Adapted from the beloved webtoon, Seasons of Blossom offers a heartfelt exploration of love, growth, and the inseparable bonds of friendship. 

With its relatable characters and touching storyline, this drama is a must-watch for anyone seeking an emotional and uplifting journey through the beauty and challenges of youth. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of seasons of blossom, and let your heart bloom with each passing episode. 

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3. Cheer Up 

In the captivating drama Cheer Up, we are introduced to the bright and determined Do Hae-Yi, a student at Yonhee University. Struggling with her family's financial hardships, Hae-Yi's focus is on making money rather than her studies. 

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she joins the long-standing cheerleading squad thia. Initially motivated by the desire for financial gain, Hae-Yi soon discovers the true essence of campus life and the power of friendship. 

Through her involvement with Theia, she crosses paths with various individuals, including Bae Young-Woong, an alumnus of Yonhee University who provides unwavering support to the cheerleading squad both financially and emotionally. 

With its heartfelt exploration of love, friendship, and personal growth. Cheer Up is a must-watch drama that will leave you inspired and cheering for its vibrant characters. Join Hae Yi on her journey as she discovers the true meaning of life beyond money, and finds herself amidst the spirited world of cheerleading. 

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4. Racket Boys

In the heartwarming drama Racket Boys, we follow the journey of a boy's badminton team at a middle school in Haenam, led by the dedicated but financially struggling coach Yoon Hyeon-Jong. The team faces the threat of disbandment with only three players. 

However, with the addition of Yoon Hae-Kang, the coach's son, and the talented Jung In-Sol, they finally have a chance to compete. As the boys strive to improve their skills and bond as a team, we also witness the inspiring story of Ra Yeong-Ja, Yoon Hyeon-Jong's wife, who coaches the girl's badminton team at a nearby school. 

With the gifted Han Se-Yoon and her best friend Lee Han-Sol, their team becomes a force to be reckoned with. Racket Boys explores themes of determination, friendship, and family as these young athletes pursue their dreams on and off the court. 

With its heartfelt storytelling and engaging characters, this drama is a must-watch for sports enthusiasts and fans of uplifting and inspiring stories. Get ready to be inspired by the resilience and passion of the racket boys. 

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5. Do You Like Brahms?

In a world where dreams and passion collide Do You Like Brahms tells a heartfelt story of love, music, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Chae Song-A, against her family's wishes, embarks on a journey to pursue her true passion for music as she navigates the challenges of being older than her peers at the prestigious music school. She finds solace in the enchanting melodies of Park Joon-Young a gifted pianist. 

Their paths intertwine, bringing together their shared love for music and paving the way for a beautiful and complex relationship. With breathtaking performances and a captivating storyline, this drama not only explores the depths of classical music but also delves into the intricacies of human emotions and aspirations. 

Get ready to be swept away by the harmonious melodies and tender moments of Do you like Brahms? A symphony of love and dreams that will resonate with your heart. 

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6. Moorim School

Welcome to Moorim School, a place where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. This hidden school, visible only to those with special abilities, goes beyond traditional academics It focuses on nurturing physical prowess and instilling virtues like honesty, faith, sacrifice, and communication in its students. 

Here, teachers and students from diverse backgrounds come together, each with their own unique stories and talents. But everything takes an unexpected turn when an unconventional student disrupts the established order and reshapes the destiny of everyone at Moorim school. 

Prepare yourself for a thrilling and heartwarming journey filled with friendship, self-discovery, and unexpected challenges. Moorim School will captivate you with its blend of action, mystery, and romance as it explores the power of character and the transformative nature of education 

Join us at Moorim School and discover a world where the extraordinary becomes the norm. Are you ready to unlock your true potential? 

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7. A Good Day to Be a Dog

In the whimsical world of a good day to be a dog, Han Hae-Na, a high school teacher, carries a curious family curse with a single kiss. Her family members transform into lovable dogs for six hours every night, only to return to their human form when they kiss the same person in their dog appearance. 

Determined to break free from this peculiar fate, Hae-Na avoids romantic relationships like the plague. However, a fateful encounter with Jin Seo-Won, a fellow teacher with a fear of dogs, turns her world upside down as Hae-Na pursues another kiss from Seo-Won. 

Their lives intertwine in hilarious and heartwarming ways. Based on the popular webtoon, this delightful drama is a perfect blend of romance, comedy, and fantasy with its charming storyline and endearing characters. 

A Good Day to Be a Dog is a must-watch for those seeking a lighthearted and enchanting escape. Get ready to wag your tail and immerse yourself in this delightful tale of love and canine transformations. 

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8. Crash Course in Romance

In the captivating drama, Crash Course in Romance retired national athlete Nam Haeng-Seon finds herself at a crossroads in her life as she transitions from sports to running a small side dish store. 

Her vivacious personality catches the attention of Choi Chi-Yeol, a renowned private instructor known as the 1-Billion 1-Man. Despite his success, Choi Chi-Yeol has become distant and irritable. As Nam Haeng-Seon ventures into the world of private education, she unexpectedly forms a connection with Chi-Yeol. 

Despite their different teaching styles, their shared passion for education brings them closer. However, their budding romance is not without its challenges as they navigate personal and professional obstacles. 

Crash Course in Romance explores the complexities of relationships and the importance of trust and growth. Join Nam Haeng-Seon and Choi Chi-Yeol on their journey as they discover the transformative power of love. 

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9. Dear. M

In the bustling campus of Seoyeon University a mysterious anonymous post from M shakes up the entire student body. 

Determined to unveil the enigmatic figure behind these cryptic messages, a group of friends embarks on a thrilling journey to solve the school's most gripping mystery led by the curious Ma Joo A and her loyal companions Cha Min Ho, Seo Ji Min, and Park Ha Neul. 

The team delves into a web of complicated relationships and budding romances, all while pursuing the truth. As emotions run high and hearts flutter, Dear M takes viewers on a captivating ride filled with suspense and heartfelt moments. 

With its blend of mystery, friendship, and love, this drama keeps you on the edge of your seat, eagerly anticipating the revelation of M's true identity. If you're craving a thrilling and heartwarming story set in the vibrant world of university life, dear M is a must-watch for drama enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable experience. 

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10. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is a heartwarming drama that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer along with its lovable characters. Kim Bok-Joo, a talented weightlifter, is determined to win the gold medal but unexpectedly finds herself falling in love for the first time. 

Balancing her passion for weightlifting and her blossoming romance becomes a challenging journey for Bok Joo as she navigates the complexities of relationships and her dreams. 

This drama beautifully captures the struggles and triumphs of young athletes, delving into their coming-of-age stories and the pursuit of their goals Inspired by the real-life Olympic weightlifting champion Jang Miran. 

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is a refreshing and relatable series that explores themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery. Get ready to be inspired and entertained as you join Bok Joo on her journey towards love, glory, and finding her true self .

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Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list of binge-worthy K-dramas set in the thrilling world of high school and university life. Did we mention any of your all-time favorites? Let us know in the comments below! 


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