Top 10 Korean Dramas With The Biggest Age Gaps Between The Leads

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K-dramas with the biggest age gaps between the leads. Love knows no bounds in these K-dramas, where some characters have more than a noticeable and discernible age difference, and even the stars cast are separated by age in real life. 

Top 10 Korean Dramas With The Biggest Age Gaps Between The Leads

Top 10 Korean Dramas With The Biggest Age Gaps Between The Leads

Number 10. Snowdrop


The highly rated and momentarily controversial K-drama Snowdrop was making top media conversations. Our stars share an age gap of seven years before airing the period set drama takes place in the 1980s. 

It was mentioned this drama was based on the handwritten journal of a North Korean defector. The story delivers a romantic melodrama brewing with political tensions. 

On their first meeting, our male lead is injured and arrives at a dormitory at a Seoul university, and this is where our female lead finds him and falls for him at first sight. 

Helping him the two establish a strong bond that goes against society and their respective countries' situations as they try to hold on to their love. Despite many obstacles. 

Number 9. Doctors 


Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye stole our hearts in this slice-of-life medical drama. Our leads share a nine-year age gap and their characters also share a definitive age gap. 

Our female lead is a troubled high schooler, now living with her beloved grandmother, and our male lead happens to be a tenant at her grandmother's house and not to mention her school teacher. 

Their friendship is labeled as shady by a jealous classmate, and with those words in action, our male lead's reputation is destroyed with a bit of a time skip. Our female lead turned her life around and became a successful doctor. 

Fate brings her rival and our male lead, who's now also a doctor as well, all back together as they work at the same hospital. Our leads will now face each other after many years, and it would appear that they do indeed have some chemistry and some attraction will definitely surface. 

Number 8. I hear your voice

I hear your voice

Popular and famous stars Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young are fated soulmates in I Hear Your Voice, the stars are separated by about ten years. The law and mystery, drama and supernatural are the story of our male lead, who is saved as a kid by our female lead. And did we mention he has a supernatural ability? 

Now? Will time skip forward? Now at 19, he's been trying to find our female lead and reconnect with her. That special ability of his allows him to hear other people's thoughts. Our female lead is now a lawyer seeking justice to be served through her work. 

Once their paths cross, they will find themselves in unavoidable situations like cohabitation and a noona romance. As our male lead pursues her first, together, they will face a past enemy that traumatized them both and bring that person to justice. 

Number 7. Backstreet Rookie 

Backstreet Rookie

Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung star as our main leads in this business rom-com, which takes place in a convenience store IRL. The celebs are separated by 12 years. 

This drama gave us a female lead who was known for her incredible beauty, but she only has eyes for our male lead who previously made a big impression on her. Now she wishes to pursue him and she applied for a part-time position at his store. 

ROM COM, work, shenanigans, and some small dramatics will surround our OTP in this cute and light-hearted K-drama, which first aired in 2020. 

Number 6. The Interest of Love 

The Interest of Love

12 years separate stars Mun Ga Yong and Yoo Yeon Seok. They will play as romantic love interests in this novel-adapted melodrama, which is filled with romance and conflicts. 

The setting takes us to a bank where our male lead is the head of the consultation team, and our female lead has a top-ranking position. 

This working dynamic will bring about a slow-burn slice of life situations that our leads will encounter. Our second leading characters will also have a big impact throughout the drama. 

Number 5. Goblin 

Goblin Korean Drama

Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun immediately became worldwide fan favorites for their character work in the major successful K-drama Goblin The Lonely and Great God. With 12 years between the stars, Goblin brings us the love story of an immortal and an enthusiastic high schooler whose fates are connected. 

The leading couple shares an incredible chemistry on screen and amassed record-breaking viewership globally. 

Our male lead is known as a goblin, and due to an incident in the distant past, he is forever cursed as the goblin who cannot transition into the afterlife until the sword stuck in his chest is pulled out by none other than the Goblin's Bride, our female lead. 

Many other standout characters add to the depth of this supernatural romance and comedy with fantasy in the modern world. 

Number 4. My Dearest

My Dearest k drama

This 2023 ten-episode historical romance has our leads in real life, separated by an age gap of 13 years. The trending MBC drama garnered a lot of attention. 

Nam Koong Min and Ahn Eun Jin deliver exceptional performances. Set in a time period of the 1600s, our bubbly female lead is disliked by other women who are jealous of her, and they dub her as a 99-tailed fox. 

Our male lead is notably handsome and mysterious. A crash landing, so to speak, has them making first impressions on each other. Brooding and set against the Joseon Dynasty, my dearest has a part two. 

Number 3. Clean with a passion for now

Clean with a passion for now

Clean with a passion for now brings us a 13-year age gap between our leads Kim Yoo Jung, and Yoon Kyun Sang star as a clean freak and an adorable but messy girl, giving us the pairing of a boss and an employee. 

It's a business rom-com, which is also adapted from the webtoon of the same name. Our wealthy and handsome male lead suffers from mysophobia. He'll encounter our female lead, who is too busy working multiple jobs and does not have time for neatness or time to tidy, which will test his limits. 

But he'll begin to fall for her The drama aired back in 2018 and gave us a light-hearted K-drama story. 

Number 2. My lovely boxer 

My lovely boxer

Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye share a 16-year age difference. From 1983 to 1999, these two stars had viewers tuning in for the sports-related drama In My Lovely Boxer, which is about a cold sports agent and a young boxer who disappeared from the boxing scene. 

Our sports agent seems to be all about the money, as his sports roster talents might hit burnout soon. He receives a lot financially, while our female lead, at just the age of 17, was an elite boxer, but circumstances had her withdrawn from her sport and our male lead will now try to seek her out to make her return to the boxing scene. 

This youth sports drama will give us a bickering OTP, as well as action in competitive sports and a first love scenario. 

Number 1. Marriage Contract

Marriage Contract

Would you believe there's a 17-year age difference between our leading stars? Lee Seo Jin and Uee. Both gave strong and heart-fluttering performances in this heartfelt boss and employee drama, where some dire circumstances bring our leads together in designing a contract marriage agreement that will benefit them both. 

Our female lead gets a tragic diagnosis to protect her daughter's future and well-being. She agrees to be a donor for the mother of her boss, in exchange for a large financial sum. 

To be able to proceed with the surgery for our male lead mother, our pairing will have to initiate proof of their long-term relationship to the hospital Some unexpected feelings will arise. 


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Wrapping Up (Top 10 Korean Dramas With The Biggest Age Gaps Between The Leads)

And that wraps up our list of Top 10 Korean Dramas With The Biggest Age Gaps Between The Leads. Have you watched all these dramas? Do you have a favorite pairing? You can let us know in the comments section down below.


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