Top 14 Highest Rated Korean Movies of 2023 You Must Watch

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It's time to reflect on the incredible cinematic films that were released back to back in 2023. It's not that long ago, so please stick around and see if your favorite movie made this list. 

14 Best Korean Movies of 2023

Top 14 Highest Rated Korean Movies of 2023 You Must Watch

Number 14. Doctor Cheon and the Lost Talisman

This horror mystery drama tells the story of a fake exorcist who can't hear nor see ghosts but has the ability to solve cases with his ghostly insights. The story takes a turn when our main character suddenly faces a real possessive case that he has never seen before. 

The movie gets exciting as we see how our main character faces this challenge with little to no abilities in facing the case of a real shaman. The movie was released on September 27th, 2023, with the cameos of big K-drama stars like Kim Ji Soo of Blackpink and actress Lee Jung Eun making it a hot topic among K-drama enthusiasts. 

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Number 13. Ballerina 

This action thriller movie follows the revenge of the main character, who, in hopes of getting justice for her ballerina best friend, will rise to the occasion. It's a story that progresses in a cold-hearted and cruel hell of merciless revenge in fighting for the one thing you had to protect. 

Viewers have called it the female version of John Wick, which is an American action drama that has some similarities within the story. This movie was released on October 6th, 2023 on Netflix. Its intensity and crazy action scenes have made it a movie that people are just dying to watch. 

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Number 12. Target

An action thriller movie starring famous Korean actress Shin Hye Sun made viewers thrilled after she purchased a secondhand washing machine from a seller online after getting scammed. 

The main character tries to find the culprit without knowing that this will trigger a much bigger problem in her life. With lots of action and thrills, it will follow the search for the culprit and also the search for justice, as the fraud has now put her life at stake. 

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Number 11. Unlocked

Following almost the same story as Target, Unlocked, is a suspense thriller film about a girl whose life takes a huge turn after a man gets a hold of her lost cell phone and hacks it, making the guy see her every move. 

The story has led to sinister stalking as she tries to find the culprit and the reason behind why he did what he did. The story is a reminder and makes people conscious of how extra careful we need to be while using our devices unlocked as a remake of the 2018 Japanese movie Stolen Identity. 

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Number 10. My Heart Puppy 

A huge dog lover who gets engaged will later discover that the woman he's going to marry has an allergy to dogs. He's now in search for finding a person who will take care of his dog, but on his journey, he discovers more dogs to take care of. 

It is a comedy adventure film that focuses on what we're willing to do for our pets and the ones we love. My Heart Puppy was released on March 1st, 2023, and also has Hospital Playlist star Yoo Yeon Seok and actor Cha Tae Hyun in the leading roles. 

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Number 9. The Roundup: No Way Out 

If you're looking for an action drama that also stars famous action star Ma Dong Seok, then The Round Up: No Way Out could be the right one for you. The movie is about a detective and his team, who are on a mission to clear up drug crimes in the city of Incheon. 

On his search, he bumps into a yakuza who supplies the drugs that will make the investigation extra difficult. Despite it being your typical action drama, it has Ma Dong Seok starring in it. And also there's the fact he makes huge hits when it comes to action movies like The Outlaws and Train to Busan. So Round Up: No Way Out is a strong contender as well, and was highly discussed by viewers. 

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Number 8. Dream

Dream was one of the most awaited films of 2023, as it starred famous actor Park Seo Joon and famous actress and singer IU. The film revolves around a professional soccer player who got into an unexpected accident, and now he is a coach for a thrown-together soccer team that's struggling for success. 

The story progresses as a producing director is making a documentary about the soccer team. It is a film about earning success through hard work and daydreaming beyond boundaries. Dream is based on the true story of the South Korean soccer team that competed in the 2010 Homeless World Cup. 

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Number 7. Switch

What would you do if you could choose another life? A hard-working manager and an artist who are also best friends found themselves twisted as they switched lives after riding in a taxi on Christmas Eve. 

The artist wakes up as a father of twins who married his first love, and the manager is now a famous artist. As the story unfolds, our leads will explore how to live their new lives and see if they can find a way to ever go back to who they were. 

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Number 6. Past Lives

It's a romance drama film about two childhood sweethearts who drifted apart after the girl's family migrated to the United States. They'll get reunited after 20 years. They go on a week full of adventure and discoveries about love and destiny. 

As they spend time together, the two cannot help but imagine how their lives would have been if the girl hadn't left. Opening things up to different chances and possibilities. Past Lives is a US production, yet the taste for the culture and locality stood out for audiences. 

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Number 5. Rebound

Rebound is a sports drama film about basketball, and is also based on a true story that will retell the amazing tale of the 2012 National High School Basketball Championship, where a new coach and six players from the weakest basketball team make their way to the top. 

It tells the story of a hopeless team with not enough substitute players, and how they motivate themselves to fight a battle that is not in their favor. The film proves that miracles do happen even in the slightest moment of it seems impossible. 

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Number 4. Brave Citizen 

A blood-boiling experience, as viewers would call it. Brave Citizen is an action comedy film about So Si Min, a citizen who never lets injustice get in her way. 

She becomes a part-time teacher and finds herself the target of an evil student, as she protects a student from school bullying. The situation gives her more people to protect and more reasons to fight back, delivered by a talented cast.

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Number 3. The Moon

The story is set in the future, as Korea's first manned mission to the moon ends in a tragic disaster when an explosion occurs on board and an astronaut gets stranded on the moon. The story will go on to show how everyone on Earth watches, as there should be hope and help for the man stranded on the moon and how he will survive. 

It provides not only science fiction, but it also adds up more political questions with a pinch of melodrama. The movie has been commended for the well-thought-out research on space travel and ever-improving CGI for Korean movies. 

The Moon starred famous actor and singer Dol Kyung Soo of the famous K-pop group Exo, and this led to the movie being a top hit of 2023, as fans and viewers appreciated the talent and efforts of the cast and crew. 

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Number 2. The Childe

An aspiring boxer becomes the target of a nobleman who will turn his life into a chase of madness. Marco Hahn has long searched for his Korean father, but as he stepped foot in Korea, an unnamed assassin attempted to ambush him. 

He'll later on discover that he is now a target of different gangs. The Child is an action noir film that showcases darkness and gore when it comes to those action scenes. It was also described as similar to John Wick's films. 

The movie stars Kim Seon Ho, who showed viewers an unhinged yet precise and strong character, and this made them want to watch it even more. The humor, cinematography, and suspense balanced out the storyline of madness and chases between the main characters. 

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Number 1. Soulmate 

This highly-rated movie stars actresses Kim Da Mi and Jeon So Nee. Soulmate brings us a coming-of-age story that will give you a romantic, yet very emotional pinch to it. As viewers described, soulmate sets a story of best friends of over 14 years who remain close and share experiences both as friends and romantically. 

As personal growth fits into the picture, the story will go on, and the two will realize that there's more to each other than meets the eye. The movie has received many positive reviews, as the incredibly talented actors and actresses portrayed their roles magnificently. The movie gave justice to the original soulmate, and it was adapted from the short Chinese story Qi Yue and An Sheng. 

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Wrapping Up

And that wraps our reflective look back at the top 14 Korean Movies of 2023. Is your favorite on this list? If so, let us know which one it is in the comment section down below, and we'll see you next time! K- Drama lovers.


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