Top 9 Upcoming Korean Dramas Airing On March 2024

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These dramas are coming up in March 2024 and they should be on your watchlist. We'll have a mix of action, thrillers, and romantic comedies, so there's bound to be something for everyone 

Top 9 Upcoming Korean Dramas Airing On March 2024

Top 9 Upcoming Korean Dramas Airing On March 2024

Number 1. Queen of tears

Our leads face romance and a marriage crisis in this business rom-com and melodrama. Firstly, the conflict will put our couple at odds both in their professional and personal life. Both of our leads have gained a high level of rank, so to speak. 

Our male lead is a legal director for the Queen's Group and our female lead is an heiress. She's literally known as the Queen of the Queen's Group department store. She is a chaebol. 

Nevertheless, our leads are married and will likely give us some incredible on-screen chemistry. The drama stars fan favorites Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won.

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Number 2. Chicken Nugget

Another adaptation is airing in March, and that's Chicken Nugget, the comedy fantasy with a touch of mystery. We'll focus on our female lead, who enters into a strange machine and gets turned into, well, fried chicken. 

Our male lead is an intern, and he'll team up with her father and they'll do their best to return her back to her human form. But they'll also uncover some darker secrets as they go about trying to reverse the process. The drama stars Ryu Seung Ryong, Ahn Jae Hong, and Kim You Jung. 

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Number 3. Wonderful World

We've got wonderful news, Cha Eun Woo is starring as the male lead in A Wonderful World alongside Kim Nam Joo in this mystery thriller, which focuses on the life of our female lead, a psychology professor, and she's also a famous writer. 

However, she tragically lost her son and the person responsible escaped legal punishment, so she yearns to have justice served against the person who got away. Our male lead also seems to have faced and encountered his own set of challenges, and these similarities will strengthen their connection. As such, the drama will touch on healing while giving us a suspenseful mystery drama. 

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Number 4. Midnight Photo Studio 

A ghostly drama is finally here. If you're into the spooky and paranormal genre that is, this one also falls into the romantic and fantasy genres as well. Our male lead is a photographer who owns a studio. 

He also happens to be the seventh owner of the studio and it's only for ghosts. Our female lead is a passionate former prosecutor who somehow ends up in a partnership with our male lead. So he's not the only one who knows about the ghosts. 

His two assistants will bring him those ghostly customers. The drama stars Joo Won and Kwon Na Ra as our leading OTP. 

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Number 5. Grabbed By The Collar

Adapted from a web novel, our female lead is an investigative reporter who hosts the program. Let's get grabbed by the collar where her wit and sarcasm go a long way as she used a direct approach in exposing culprits. 

This fresh concept gains a lot of popularity from viewers while also catching the interest of the public. However, a twist will have her being accused of murder, and she'll team up with a detective who will set out to solve the case. Her husband will also assist in helping her. The drama stars Kim Ha Neul, Yeon Woo Jin, and Jang Seung Jo. 

Number 6. Hide 

Lee Bo Young and Lee Moo Saeng will lead this mystery thriller, which is a weekend airing drama. Our main couple is married, but one day our male lead will disappear. 

Suspicious circumstances seem to surround that disappearance and our female lead will try to find him. A secret might be looming ahead. She'll come into contact with a mysterious man who might hold the key to why her husband went missing. 

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Number 7. Beauty And The Devoted 

This Kbs2 K-drama will bring us the motivating, conflicted family drama, which also touches on the strength and power of love. Our female lead is an actress whose career crashes overnight. At the lowest point, we'll see the valiant efforts of our male lead, who is a producer, doing his best to get her rise back to the top. 

There's a family aspect, conflicts, and a certain truth will need to be revealed to set things right. The drama is also known as The Beautiful Woman and the Innocent Man, and stars Ji Hyun Woo and Im Soo Hyang. 

Number 8. The Woman Who Plays 

A jTBC romantic comedy will be on our screens in The Woman Who Plays, the drama stars Uhm Tae Goo and Han Sun Hwa, and a blossoming romance between a former gangster, our male lead, and a woman whose kind efforts and playfulness with kids, as the title depicts, will connect so viewers can expect an exciting romance story as well as those charming comedic moments. 

The drama will blend the story of our male lead, getting over his dark past and moving forward. The woman who plays is adapted from a popular web novel. 

Number 9. Our Profitable Cage 

Reported to air in March, Our Profitable Cage is the Kbs1 daily drama, which will star Ham Eun Jung and actor Baek Sung Hyun. The casting was confirmed on Valentine's Day, and our main leads will be portraying two talented doctors who will challenge and break a family registry, thus presenting a new concept of a family. 

Directed by Park Ji Hyun, who also directed Vengeance of the Bride, Red Shoes, and Unasked Family, so we can expect another great daily with a well-written plot and arrangement of characters, will bring us 120 episodes of daily dramatics for viewers. 


Seven Escape Season Two is on the way. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our upcoming list for March 2024. Which dramas will be making your watch list? Let us know about them in the comments section below. I must say, the chicken nugget drama is catching my eye. See you next time! Till then happy watching.


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