Top 10 Absolute Must Watch Korean Dramas that aired in 2014

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 Top 10 K-dramas Turning 10 in 2024

As you know, the 2023 K-dramas definitely blew us away with their incredible stories, characters, and stunning videography. 2024 is also sure not to disappoint, with what's in store for viewers across multiple streaming platforms time traveling back to 2014. 

This could have been your watch list, and it's definitely worth revisiting. 

Top 10 K-dramas Turning 10 in 2024

10. Healer

Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young starred in the popular action thriller Healer, everyone's favorite night courier who made waves across South Korea and abroad for its romantic and action story. 

Our male lead is known simply as a healer to his clients. For the right price, his service will include anything he requests, so long as it does not cost anybody their life. 

Assisted by a talented hacker, our male lead will cross paths with a tabloid writer, our hard-working female lead. But the familiarity of a shared past will resurface and connect them. 

The drama's pacing and well-choreographed fight scenes were mixed with some spectacular parkour, and this made Healer a standout drama in 2014. 

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9. Emergency Couple

Our main leads have a past connection as they were married before. Despite our male leads family strongly opposes that marriage. Time takes a toll and our couple is pushed to the limit of discontent and frustration with each other. 

After an ugly confrontation, the marriage collapses, and the two divorce and pursue their own personal goals. Fate lends a hand to the medical field, which will take us to an emergency room setting. These two will then face their medical career goals, but also each other. 

Perhaps they could have a second chance at romance with ROM and COM, a bickering and conflicted couple who have a strong, heated chemistry. Starring Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk. 

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8. Fated to Love You

Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk starred together in this adaptation of the popular Taiwanese drama of the same name, Fated to Love You, about an overlooked female lead who does not make a big impression among her co-workers, and they easily take advantage of her. 

A series of events in her life will cause a major change while she's on vacation. When A night with a stranger. Our male lead, who is a wealthy businessman, results in an unexpected pregnancy. Our female lead will have her own transformation blossoming into a noticeably beautiful woman. 

The situation will test them as they face life's curveballs, and that romantic night could lead them to love. These two stars reunited as the main leads in the 2023 K-drama Family The Unbreakable Bond. 

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7. Cunning Single Lady 

Lee Min Jung and Joo Sang Wook brought us an unforgettable OTP. Our leads had a painful divorce, and they've not been involved with each other for years. Our female lead is a hardworking and honest woman who ends up applying for a job at the company her ex runs. 

He is now a powerful CEO, wealthy, and attained everything in life whereas she is humbly poor and getting by the best she can. This comedic rom-com situation throws them back together. 

Familiar feelings and chemistry will begin to stir as they have more and more frequent encounters, and these two must navigate those familiar feelings. 

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6. Triangle

This 2014 riveting mystery and action drama gave us a brooding melodrama and followed the story of three brothers who were separated as kids after two decades and now completely living different lives all together with new names, they do not recognize each other and will face each other as adversaries. 

Our main male lead, he climbs up from the lowest point of his life and finds love along the way. Yet the bitterness of life will claw away at these brothers as the story progresses and we await the moment of their true reunion. 

The well-written and directed drama had cliffhanger endings through various episodes that kept us clicking for more and delivered us a strong main and supporting cast. 

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5. The King's Face

An epic historical set drama, captured our hearts and attention The King's Face, stars Seo In Guk Lee, Sung Jae, and Jo Yoon Hee. It also depicted the importance and art of face reading and how it impacted our characters throughout the drama. 

Our male lead is an illegitimate son of King Seonjo and does not feel at peace within the palace, while other illegitimate sons will be vying for the spot of Crown Prince, Palace politics. 

Royal orders will weigh heavily for our male lead, but this historical has vivid storytelling with lots of depth. 

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4. Marriage Not Dating

This cute and slightly predictable rom-com is probably as fluffy as it gets. Our male lead is a wealthy plastic surgeon who is trying to avoid blind dates and marriage, whereas our female lead has been dating his close friend. 

But that friend is a player who dumps her. So our male lead hatches a plan to help her try and win him back by getting her to agree to get involved in a contract relationship. 

The result is she could make her ex jealous, and our male lead can avoid his family's wishes to see him settle down, and he's pretty confident that his parents won't approve of it. 

Our female lead, thus ensuring his single living in a love triangle will heat things up. Our two leads will have to decide if their fake relationship is producing fake feelings, or real ones, as they spend more time together. Yeon Woo Jin and Han Groo star in Marriage Not Dating. 

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3. Liar Game

Before the chilling excitement and danger of Squid Game, Liar Game had us on the edge of our seats. It also delivered a large cash prize, and the series of events will later take a darker turn. 

Contestants must outwit each other using cheating and taking advantage of others to get themselves ahead through various challenges to remain in the game. 

Our female lead, who was in poor circumstances, receives a case full of money and after toiling over what to do with it, she decides to turn it in. 

This ensures her entry into the game. She'll form an alliance with a genius swindler whose predictions and cleverness will help him get through to the next round. 

Liar game is based on the Japanese manga with a similar story. The K-drama stars Lee Sang Yoon, Kim So Eun, and Shin Sung Rok. 

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2. Pinocchio

Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye's mystery romcom from back in 2014, it had drama fans and viewers swooning with their cute moments, not to mention the famous indirect toast kiss. 

Our male lead and female lead grew up together as kids, but our male lead has been adopted into her family and is completely unrelated to them. He has his own secrets from a past life that could affect his future. 

The drama will also center on newbie reporters vying to make it big in the news broadcasting industry. Our genius male lead and aloof. But his glow-up is stunning and catches everyone by surprise, including our female lead. 

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1. Missing Incomplete Life

Probably one of the highest-ranked and most talked about K-dramas of 2014 solely for its relatable and hard-hitting slice-of-life moments that resonated with viewers. 

Based on the webtoon, the drama's main cast brought their roles to life through an office and business workplace setting. 

Our male lead, who was once a talented go player, ends up now becoming an intern alongside our female lead. They'll try not to disappoint their boss while trying to keep up with their colleagues. 

They'll soon find themselves in unexpected situations and even navigating workplace abuse. 

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It's okay that's love, Hotel King, discovery of romance, bad guys, greatest marriage. 

What's your favorite drama from 2014? If it's not on this list, let us know which one it is in the comment section down below.


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