Top 20 most streamed Kdramas that made it to Netflix's Global Top 10 List

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The top 20 K-dramas, which ranked on Netflix's Top 10 could these be considered the best of the best? The most loved, most viewed, and highest-rated dramas on Netflix? Did all of these make your watchlist with wrapping up the year in K-dramas? Let's look back on the added titles and the new dramas that were released in 2023. 

Top 20 Most Watched Netflix KDramas

Number 20. Sweet Home Season-2

The webtoon-adapted monster and action thriller is back with its powerful continuation. Fans have been waiting to see their favorite characters back on their screens. The dark survival fantasy centered around a loner who moved to a new apartment after the loss of his family. 

But strange occurrences around the building and in the city begin to occur. Adapted from the webtoon Sweet Home, this drama also stars Song Kang in the leading role. Season two picks up where we left off in season one. 


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Number 19. The Glory

Inspired by real events, The Glory went on to rank in Netflix's Top 10 continuously during its debut all across the world. Our female lead was brutally bullied as a high schooler, and now, later in life, she seeks to take her revenge against these bullies as they did not repent for their shameful ways and all of their vicious abuse and live as they always have. 

The Drama Stars Award winner Song Hye Kyo, who gave an incredible performance. The glory brought us a dark, thrilling, and edge-of-your-seat thriller. The talented cast portrayed their roles extremely well, including those cast as the younger version of our characters. 

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Number 18. Celebrity

This attention-grabbing drama quickly gained high viewership, taking a spot on Netflix's Top 10 and depicting the fake personalities of influencers who pretended to be outstanding citizens living luxuriously. 

However, their true personalities were cold, vindictive, and dangerously selfish. Our female lead was once very well off, but her family struggled and is now in a poor situation. However, an opportunity comes along that suddenly sets her up as a rising influencer herself. 

She'll come to see how shallow and fake influencers can be rising above that drama and in fact, meeting it head-on. Exciting twists await us in celebrity. 

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Number 17. King The Land

Lee Joon Ho and Lim Yuna star in this business rom-com about a handsome and somewhat charismatic heir who is caught up in a fight for his inheritance. But he'll also get himself entangled with our hardworking female lead, who is employed at his hotel, which is part of the King Group. 

Known for her brilliant and cheerful smile, a trait of hers that he simply cannot stand, these two will have some brewing chemistry admit that typical first misunderstanding King The Land brought viewers a heartwarming romance with a memorable OTP. This drama also made its way to Netflix's top ten.

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Number 16. Destined With You

As the title indicates, our male lead is facing his destiny, which in fact is a curse However, the power to lift said curse lies in the hands of our female lead. She'll come to receive a 300-year-old forbidden book. 

Once our female lead realizes the power of the book, a love spell is suddenly cast and our male lead can't help but fall for her despite knowing it's a spell. 

Perhaps together they can solve the curse that's been bound to him, while also realizing that they may have feelings for each other. The supernatural romance had no trouble casting its spell on viewers, while also maintaining a spot on Netflix's Top 10. 

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Number 15. See You In My 19th Life 

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, our female lead and reincarnation are no strangers. In fact, she can recall all her past lives, but it's those in her 18th life where she formed some of her strong connections. 

That life was cut short, and now in her 19th life, with a new appearance, she seeks to reconnect with the young man from her previous life. 

Fans of the webtoon were highly anticipating this drama, and it seemed to live up to the expectations when it was released on Netflix, quickly gaining a top spot in many countries. The drama stars Shin Hye Sun. 

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Number 14. Queen maker

The fast, plot-driven political business drama definitely heated up our screens with a fierce rivalry between a talented businesswoman whose ability as a fixer of intense situations of a company relinquishes her position. 

Due to a tragedy, she'll come to team up with an ambitious woman known as the Rhino. These two were at odds at first. Our queen maker will use her skills to transform the rhino into a powerful political figure while challenging the very company our fixer previously worked for. 

Queen Maker is a powerful drama with episode cliffhanger endings. We'll have you clicking for the next episode. 

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Number 13. The Good Bad Mother

Much like the title suggests, our mother character is both good and bad in our habits of being too controlling and helicopter parenting. As our male lead grows up, he becomes a cold-hearted prosecutor and ends up being disconnected and distant from his mother. 

A sudden, unexpected accident will have him back in his hometown once again in the care of his mother, and his first love will also reappear in his life. 

The drama gave us a slice of life, family themes, and comedy in its light-hearted moments. Mystery surrounds our male leads accident and they'll start to search for the truth. 

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Number 12. Bloodhounds

The highly rated crime and action drama Bloodhounds, had viewers cheering for our male leads as they used their talented skills of competitive boxing against a crime boss and his underlings. 

Our leads will rise up to protect the innocent and carry out a mission to bring the villain to justice. The fight scenes were so well choreographed that viewers and sports enthusiasts could not stop watching in the top 10. 

During its debut, the drama made waves around the world, and Ihsaniye had an impressive physical transformation for their roles in this drama. 

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Number 11. Love to Hate You 

This action romcom delighted viewers around the world. When a lawyer and a top star fall into a fake relationship. Our female lead did not have the best first impression of our celebrity male lead. 

She'll later discover she made a mistake about his integrity, and he will come to be intrigued by her impressive street fighting skills. Researching for a role, he'll begin to train under her unique fighting style. 

Love to Hate You is incredibly popular for its ROM and the Com, thus landing on Netflix's Top Ten in many countries. 

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Number 10. Black Knight 

This post-apocalyptic 2071 set K-drama stars Kim Woo-Bin and Kang Yoo Seokin our leading roles, bringing us an action-packed story that is also based on the popular webtoon. 

5-8 is a delivery driver in a world where toxic pollution has decimated the planet, with only a small percentage of humans left, everyone seems to be living in dire situations, especially the poor and less fortunate. 

Our second leading male character will come to discover he is a gifted individual and with the help of 5-8, he will rise up against the oppressive forces that they face. 

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Number 9. Castaway Diva

Castaway Diva made its way to Netflix's top ten and happens to have some darker themes depicted. 

Our male lead helps plan her getaway that coincides with her dream of reaching her favorite idol after her audition video was sent in an issue during escaping results, with our female lead being cast away on an island rescued years later and still with the enthusiasm of her teenage self, she'll face the reality of time gone by and how the world has changed. 

Our male lead has also had some changes as well, in addition to some surprising twists. 

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Number 8. Mask Girl 

A dark and scandalous thriller drama that is also based on a webtoon of the same name. Our female lead, an ordinary office worker by day, and a mask-wearing video personality by night who is known as Mask Girl, known for her suggested videos. 

The mask for a while concealed her true identity, but not for long. The plot thickened with her disappearance and the mystery surrounding it. 

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Number 7. Doctor Cha

The enthusiasm of our Doctor Cha gained mass popularity and viewership not just on Netflix's Top Ten, but across South Korea. 

A memorable story emerged of a devoted housewife who is betrayed by her husband after giving up her dream of also being a doctor. Like her husband, our female lead diligently raised her family when an urgent health issue arises, her husband does not exactly come forward willingly to help. 

Our female lead takes notice of this and decides to declare her independence and return to the medical field. She'll now pursue her dream and won't let anything hold her back. Her confidence and demeanor certainly charmed viewers, and we rooted for Doctor Cha every episode. 

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Number 6. Strong Girl NamSoon 

A cousin of Strong Woman Do Bong soon Drama fans were treated to another installment in the Strong Woman series. In this drama, our female lead was lost as a child. Still, she grew up unbelievably strong and powerful. 

She'll later find her way to Gangnam as a young woman. Her mother and grandmother also have incredible strength. Not to mention she'll meet a handsome detective who is on a suspicious case. 

There's also a surprise appearance from Do Bong Soon and her true love, which quickly had this drama going viral. The drama also mirrored the original, with romance, comedy, and action, making it a nice, light-hearted installment. 

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Number 5. My demon

The popular K-drama My Demon is dominating Netflix's top ten list for its stunning visuals of our leading characters. Our male lead is a demon who is busy signing questionable deals with humans in exchange for claiming their lives. 

Later on, a situation caused him to connect with our female lead more than once. After saving her, he suddenly loses his powers and they're transferred over to her. Our female lead is quite independent and strong in her own way. 

He sticks close to her to channel his powers. The drama brings us a supernatural rom-com with the stunning visuals of Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung. 

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Number 4. Mr. Queen

This top-ranking K-drama that landed in Netflix's top ten is the popular Mr. Queen, a historical comedy that also delivered a serious side as well. 

Our male lead suddenly finds himself falling back in time and waking up in the body of a young queen with his new identity, he must navigate palace life in the future present. 

He is actually a professional chef, so he'll use his knowledge of the future to help him out in the past, including those impressive cooking skills. 

Our Mr. Queen's performance was nothing short of perfection. This drama will likely have you laughing out loud. 

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Number 3. The Uncanny Counter Season 2

Successfully making its way back to the top ten on Netflix, the counters are back once more for season two, where we'll continue to follow the stories of those counters who work together to stop evil spirits who arrived on Earth from the afterlife. 

The Uncanny Counter is also based on a webtoon, and season one was so highly rated among viewers and drama fans worldwide. The supernatural fantasy is definitely a fan favorite for its unique story, special effects, and amazing cast. 

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Number 2. A Time Called You 

A mystery and time-altering drama with very much butterfly-like effects placed in A Time Called You. Our female lead is grieving the loss of her boyfriend when she suddenly finds herself back in time in the body of another girl. 

She'll encounter our male lead, who has a striking resemblance to her boyfriend as she skips back and forth between times, thrills, danger, and mystery on set A Time Called You landed in the top ten as viewers enjoyed the twists and turns of a time-altering love story and mystery. 

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Number 1. Daily Dose of Sunshine 

A life and medical drama with a gentle and kind-hearted female lead nurse Jong, and based on some true occurrences working in the mental ward, she'll come to face new challenges after recently being transferred. 

She does her best in every way to adjust to her colleagues and medical peers and doctors will share in her day-to-day as they help patients but also face their own personal situations. This heartwarming drama was well received and maintained its top-ten listing while airing. 

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Bonus mentions 

  • Welcome to Some Gallery 
  • Song of Bandits
  • Behind Your Touch. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list. Did you watch all of these Netflix top ten ranked dramas? You can let us know in the comments section down below.


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