Top 7 Kdrama couples you wished dated in real life

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Almost every Kdrama fan may have a moment where we find ourselves landing on that pause button while drama viewing. And why, you might ask? Well, after a deeply heartflattering scene, we want to hold on to that moment too and wonder about that powerful chemistry. 

And how did this main pairing not end up dating in real life? In today's video, we've gathered 7 Kdrama couples that we wished to date in real life.

7 Kdrama Couples That We Want To See Dating In Real Life!

These couples gave us the ultimate romantic moments we simply can't forget. And be sure to let us know which drama and which heart-fluttering moment you've held onto.

7. Jung Hye In & Kim Ji Soo 

Jung Hye In & Kim Ji Soo

Their fierce love story was on display in the long-awaited and partially controversial Kdrama Snowdrop. This premise was far from your typical romcom series as the story was set in Seoul in 1987, this drama had some viewers in tears as the story progressed. 

However, don't underestimate the chemistry of Hayden and Jisoo's performances. They portrayed roles that brought us characters with depth and strong emotion.

Here we have a North Korean spy and the daughter of the head of the national security agency. They fell strongly in love. It does get a pinch sad from here, knowing that their fates are already twisted in the way of a forbidden love that seems to stand no chance in the life that is set before them. 

This tugged at our heartstrings. Currently, Blackpink's Jisoo is busy preparing for group schedules and was said to have recently broken up with her former boyfriend.

Actor Anvoyan Hayan, on the other hand, was spotted attending Blackpink's concert to show his support for his colleague. It hasn't been too long since he wrapped up his fan meet for his 10th anniversary. 

While current talks of a new drama is underway, fans continue to root for and respect Ji Soo and Hye In individual successes, their careers, and relationships. Yet we still ship their onscreen love.

6. Lee Do Hyun & Go Min Si 

Lee Do Hyun & Go Min Si

From Youth of May, these two first starred in the Netflix horror series Sweet Home as stepsiblings, but who knew that their chemistry as a couple would cause viewers to ship them even more? 

These two had unforgettable scenes where we have a city guy who falls in love with a nurse, which was brought about by a blind date. A friend who wanted to avoid an arranged marriage did set them up. 

However, our main leads come from different social backgrounds. This could be one of the challenges that they face as they display that pretend relationship. They'll find something real. 

As of 2023, Lee Do Hyun was confirmed to be dating his costar from the Glory Imjian, while Go Min Si was rumored to be dating Korean artist Gray. 

The splendid chemistry this onscreen couple showed will never be forgotten by fans, and it will remain a ship that once sailed in k drama land and continues to sail. Fans are rooting for their individual success and looking at their relationships in a positive light. 

5. Choi Woo Shik & Kim Da Mi 

Choi Woo Shik & Kim Da Mi

This pairing starred together in our beloved summer, yet it was not the first time the two stars met on screen. Choi Woo Shik & Kim Da Mi worked together on the set of The Witch Subversion as enemies, Leaping from the action genre, they met again in our beloved summer, a series about an ex-couple who reconciled through a video documentation after five years. 

After promising each other that they would never meet again, the heated tension of bickering mixed with playful banter and fun, fans actually started to imagine that these two could pair up in real life. 

Viewers won't forget how cute they were and how their chemistry made our hearts flutter. These two aren't rumored to be dating anyone yet, so who knows what the future might hold, right?

4. Park Ju Hyun & Chae Jong Hyeop

Park Ju Hyun & Chae Jong Hyeop

This onscreen couple starred in the badminton drama Love All Play and gave us some of the best chemistry and teamwork as the park twins in the drama. 

But they were not far from fans who saw them as a real couple. Portraying their roles as a badminton duo and as lovers outside the court. Their chemistry was nothing short of electrifying. 

The drama not only showcased their individual acting talents but also their incredible on-screen synergy as fresh actors, making it easy for fans to imagine them as a couple beyond the small screen. 

I mean, a drama with a badminton duo going from best friends to a lover's trope? That's got to be one of the cutest things ever. 

No rumors have surfaced about the two dating anyone at the moment, yet. We wish these two could star in more dramas together to give us fans more of their undying and cute chemistry.

3. Yoo In Na & Lee Dong Wook 

Yoo In Na & Lee Dong Wook

We received the hit drama Touch Your Heart, which starred our second leading couple from the popular k drama Goblin, the Lonely and Great God. We had our sonny and Grim Reaper back on our screens with that incredibly undeniable chemistry that they shared while filming here. 

They portrayed the role of a lawyer and a celebrity superstar who fell for each other after she took on some work at his law office to prepare for a role. Seeing them reunited intrigued fans of both stars and also fans of their work in Goblin. 

Touch Your Heart gave us all the warm fuzzies with heart-fluttering moments, laughter, and romance, which quite literally did touch our hearts as individuals. They both have incredible presence within the TV and film industry in South Korea, bringing forth their charm and charisma. 

Not to mention their attractive visuals which captured our attention as their romance heated up on screen. Still, there are no dating rumors between the two, but of course, fans would love to see their favorite onscreen couple get together in real life.

2. Seol In Ah & Kim Min Gyu 

Seol In Ah & Kim Min Gyu

The unforgettable second lead couple from a business proposal, had viewers rooting for an equally charming romance between the second leads. 

Viewers cannot deny the chemistry they brought to our screens could rival that of the main character's love story. We witnessed their cheeky banter, attraction, and some adored romantic moments that made our hearts beat fast. 

With Seol In Ah's cute smile and Kim Ming Gyu's adorable dimples, there is just no way for you not to ship them. These actors weren't rumored to be dating, nor were they rumored to be dating anyone else.

So who knows? A drama together as main leads might spark another connection. Would you like to see them in another romantic drama together? Well, we would.

1. Park Bo Young & Park Hyung Sik

Park Bo Young & Park Hyung Sik

Our leading OTP in Strong Woman de Bong soon. You might fondly remember them as Bong Bong and Min Min, and we know you've been waiting for them on this list. Yes. This ship started because of their wonderfully cute dynamics shown in the drama. 

Every adorable moment that these two were together was something that needed to be kept in the books. It just naturally came to a point where viewers started to see them as a couple that would look good together in real life. 

Not to mention that it's been six years since Strong Woman de Bongsoon last aired, but people are still excited after hearing about their cameo on Strong Girl Namsoon, a sequel about Bongsun's long-lost cousin. 

It was very nice to see these two reunited again, continuing their love story in the drama as husband and wife in 2023. There hasn't been any rumor about the two actors dating, so I guess it's safe to say that everyone is still rooting for their chemistry, hoping that they end up together after all these years. 

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Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list of the top 7 Kdrama couples that you wish to date in real life. We hope the spotlight continues to shine brightly on all these stars. We'll see you in the next article, till then bye bye. 


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