10 Best Kdrama Makeovers That Blew Our Minds

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Transformations are so fun to watch. Our average, everyday characters will find themselves sporting a new style, haircut, weight loss journey, surgery, or makeup as they go up in these various K-Dramas. 

10 Best Kdrama Makeovers That Blew Our Minds

10. She Was Pretty 

She Was Pretty K Drama

A well-known school beauty has embraced her natural hair and freckles later in life, where she doesn't prioritize her appearance or trends. Her comfortable style is embraced by our second male lead, but it turns out he is an old classmate and friend when it comes to our male lead. 

He wants to reunite with her, but their meeting ends in a twist, as he's likely expecting a great beauty to appear before him. But as the drama progresses, our female lead will opt for a fresh makeover surprising our male lead and her coworkers. 

This drama is an office set with many standout characters in this reconnecting rom-com and for our female lead who looks just as lovely in her natural styling as she does with her glow-up. 

9. A Business Proposal 

A Business Proposal K Drama

In the beloved 2022 rom-com, our female lead has a quirky makeover to depict a high-society lady of a wealthy family background. From her hair to fashion and accessories, she goes all out to create the illusion. 

Then stepping in for a blind date in place of her rich friend, our female lead tries to scare off her blind date. However, our male lead has a surprise proposal of his own and doesn't catch on until later when both her identities are discovered. It ends up being that he is her boss. 

This laugh-out-loud office romance also features a second leading couple, which delighted fans with their cute chemistry. 

8. Pinocchio 

Pinocchio K Drama

We often see girls getting glow-ups and various makeovers, but it's also fun when it's an aloof guy with a laid-back style, and as such, he might fly under the radar. 

Pinocchio is a mystery, crime, and youth drama following our male lead, who has a secret past. As a child, he's later adopted and might become interested in our female lead. 

We later discover that under all that fluffy hair is a handsome young man with striking looks and high intellect, going from the boy next door to serious model material here. Be sure to add Pinocchio to your watchlist. 

7. Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You k drama

There were a few makeovers in the North meets South set K-drama, where a rich heiress who crash-landed in North Korea is assisted by a handsome North Korean army captain. Having to fit in, she'll sport some more simplistic North Korean fashions. 

However, when the leads find themselves in the South, our Saeri takes her rescuer shopping, and she is struck by his handsome figure in each look. Our leads weren't the only ones with a fashion trend makeover. 

When the friend squad shows up, they charm viewers with some South Korean apparel. This drama was highly successful, and the romance between the leads blossomed into real life. They later married and now have a baby boy. Congratulations! 

6. True Beauty

True Beauty k drama

The power of makeup to blend away acne and imperfections, contour details, and refine an appearance. You might love makeup trends or prefer a minimalist approach. 

Here in True Beauty, a high schooler gains some talented skills in makeup application and becomes a stunning beauty, turning heads in all directions. 

When one of the hottest guys in school discovers her natural appearance though, they actually become friends. And he keeps her secret. But she'll later find herself feeling conflicted between our first and second male lead. in this trendy school drama based on a webtoon. 

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5. My ID is Gangnam Beauty 

So not all makeovers are makeup, hair, and apparel. Though that does lend a hand, sometimes a person may make their own personal choice for cosmetic surgery to enhance their physical features. In MyID's Gangnam Beauty, our female lead has already had her makeover. 

She was bullied through high school for her looks. And in the flashbacks, we might not even catch a glimpse of her face as she hides behind her hair. Going into university, she opts to undergo some facial cosmetic surgery. 

Her new result really suits her, and she is now recognized as a beauty on campus. Our male lead knew her back in school and didn't think poorly of her because of her appearance. With the two attending some of the same classes, romance is sure to follow. 

4. Dream High 

Dream High k drama

Dream High enchanted viewers with its cast of talented idols. In a guest role, IU portrayed a charming character who was a little heavier than her peers, but viewers were surprised when her character reappeared later in the drama with a fresh new look. 

We also have one of our male leading characters arriving from the country and eventually getting that big city makeover. In Dream High, we'll follow aspiring idols who are working hard to debut in the industry, delivering great dance moves, songs, and visuals. 

3. Angry Mom

Angry mom delivers possibly the best mom makeover ever. We know there are some other good ones out there. When this mom discovers her daughter has been bullied by the terrible youth in her class and that something more sinister might be behind the death of her daughter's friend, she undergoes a stunning makeover. 

In combination with her youthful looks and larger-than-life personality, she ends up enrolling in the school. Joining her daughter's class, and serving up her own justice. The drama Angry Mom had some heart-touching moments, even cosplay moments, and a strong message about taking a stand against school violence. 

2. Birth Of a Beauty

A kind-hearted wife is betrayed by her husband, who is having an affair. Meanwhile, our female lead's in-laws are also treating her so badly. Heartbroken at the discovery of the affair, she ends up in an accident and is assumed dead. 

However, she survived. She makes a deal with a plastic surgeon who has his own motives to help her. With a full head-to-toe makeover, weight loss, and under-the-knife transformation, Birth of a Beauty delivers a makeover like no other, along with a dramatic plot where our female lead demands justice. 

1. Oh My Venus 

Oh My Venus

Our leading lady in this fun kdrama was known as one of the most beautiful girls in her school days. Over time, she has put on a little extra weight, but she's still cute. However, her appearance is no longer that of the agile girl she had once been. 

As such, things get cold between her and her longtime boyfriend. He now wants to separate, and this is shocking and heartbreaking for her. However, our female lead is strong and determined. Not just in her job, she works hard every day thanks to a chance encounter with a handsome and famous trainer. 

She'll take up the challenge and start shedding pounds to regain a more healthy self-image she can be proud of. 

Bonus makeovers! 

Secret Garden

Who could forget our strong and determined female lead who undergoes a more than subtle transformation in this soul-swapping romance drama. she'll go from a little bit rough and tumble and have a classy makeover while still remaining true to herself. 

  • The Secret Life of My Secretary 
  • The Last Empress 
  • Romance Town a

200 pound Beauty 

200 pound Beauty

This memorable 200-pound Beauty feature film where our plus-size beauty suffers humiliation and snarky remarks from her peers. She undergoes extreme plastic surgery and ends up revealing a stunning transformation. 

Her angelic voice remains unchanged, and now she'll step forward after choosing her new beginning. This film also sheds light on the pressures of beauty standards and the K-dramas, with girls in disguise as guys. 

It's long been forecast in many gender-bender K-dramas, where our leading ladies appear as handsome flower boys, only later to have their girly side revealed. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our makeover list. Do you have a favorite? Or can you think of any other K-dramas or characters that had stellar glow-ups? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.


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