The Top 10 Women's Squads in Korean Dramas

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While it's entertaining to watch female leads in K-dramas win over men, they also ought to have relationships that are healthy and don't revolve around romance. Presenting the Korean drama girl squads: the ultimate support system, as witnessing girls unite brings immense joy. And today, we are tackling the best gal pals out there in the entire Korean drama land. 

The Top 10 Women's Squads in Korean Dramas

10 Best FEMALE SQUADS In Korean Dramas

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 

Starting off the list is our favorite Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Do ‘swag’ squad in the coming-of-age drama ‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.” The series features a physically strong female lead who can probably bench press her man because she’s an aspiring weightlifter who really knows how to take on those weights. 

Together with her equally strong friends, we are getting funny slices of life from young people trying to find love while reaching for their dreams. Friends do things together, and this gang of girls is no exception. 

Kim Bok Joo’s friends are always by her side, offering reassurances, eating chicken and singing karaoke with her, and even spying on boys while they are at it. Needless to say, this is a girl squad we all want in our lives. 

2. Hello, My 20s 

To be able to live in the same house with friends is a teenage dream. This very dream happens in ‘Hello, My 20s!’, which follows a group of college girls who live under the same roof. This time, instead of ‘bromance’, we are getting ‘womance’, as the ladies lead different lives and have different goals, yet their bond remains unbreakable despite ups and downs. 

If you are in your twenties, then ‘Hello, My Twenties!’ may be just the perfect Korean drama for you, as it features the struggles of early adulthood, and of course, healthy female friendships. 

But friends for life aren’t just reserved for the young, working women in K-dramas also have their fair share of healthy friendships, and next on the list are some lady gangs that stay tight even after they enter the workforce. 

3. Be Melodramatic 

What do you get when you group a billionaire, an aspiring screenwriter, and a single mother together? Yes, it’s the iconic trio in ‘Be Melodramatic’ The 3 girls have been friends forever and have seen one another at both peak and bottom. 

They share a home together and support each other through the worst of their lives. Heck, they even consider murder for the one that hurt their friends. It’s relatable – life is far from perfect, and work may be tormenting you, but with friends, we can at least share the weight of the world. 

‘Be Melodramatic’ just brings us interesting female leads, an actual accurate portrayal of mental health, and even LGBT representation! 

4. Because This Is My First Life 

A perfect rom-com with the wonderful K-drama trope where the two main leads ended up sharing a house, ‘Because This is My First Life’ features some stunning romance, but that’s not the sole focus. 

Once again, we are getting an awesome female trio who never hesitate to help out one another. They are tough as nails and willing to kick some asses. Their friendship is not always smooth sailing, but that’s just reality, and as long as an understanding is reached, it’s fine. Exactly how the best of friends are. 

Just like the title, because this is our first life, it’s ok to mess up. Life isn’t going to be the greatest, and sometimes, you may need to make choices you dislike. This series is far from the fairy tale we often see in most K-dramas, but it’s recommended for those who feel like they are getting lost in life and need something to hold on to. 

5. 20th Century Boy and Girl 

Yes, there is romance, as always, but the friendship of our three girls is what steals the show. Right off the bat, we are given a spotlight on this three-way friendship and will watch it grow throughout the years. The bond between these girls is tight despite all the differences – there is a sweet idol-turned-actress, an outspoken cabin crew, and a shy lawyer. 

It’s an honest friendship where all flaws are accepted and is as cozy as hot chocolate. Keeping our friendships is tough as we make the transition from school to life, but these ladies make it work. They are busy, they have their own problems, and they may not always be available. But at the end of the day, they are in each other’s arms. 

For a Korean drama, ‘20th Century Boy and Girl’ is not exactly dramatic, but if you are going through a rocky phase, maybe it can be healing for you. But not all friendships are strengthened through time. Sometimes, it’s the circumstances that create the squad. And that’s exactly what causes the ladies in these next dramas to bond. 

6. Schoolgirl detectives 

It may have started with a bit of deceit, schoolgirl detectives but our female lead eventually softens up, as she officially joins her school’s investigator club. Together, the five girls set out to solve mysteries around their school, defeat the bullies, prevent the perverts, and bring social justice while they are at it. 

The series is a great display of positive female friendship, with some delicious sprinkles of crime-fighting. It shows compassionate women who are always by each other’s side. Is there any romance? Well, yes, but probably not the kind you expected. 

It was this series that featured the first-ever onscreen lesbian kiss on South Korean television, and it is indeed a proper representation. 

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7. Search: WWW 

The case is a bit more complicated for this girl squad full of fierce businesswomen, as they started out as rivals. Sure, there was some bad blood, and two of them have some history, but as things are resolved, we are getting badass women in leadership roles. 

‘Search: WWW’ features female leads who are unafraid to stand by their morals, fight back against the system, and let out their frustration even at the price of a possible criminal record. The characters are all fleshed out with their different problems, and romance is just a tiny part of their lives. 

They are independent but know when to rely on others, and you can’t help but root for the characters. It was overall a satisfying series, on both the romantic and platonic side, and I can’t recommend it enough. 

8. Avengers Social Club 

Coming from different aspects of life, three women are teaming up to pay back people who had done them wrong. We have a fish store owner, an orphaned housewife, and a rich heir who is naive about the world. 

It may sound like a rag-tag team, but the three complement each other’s lacking, creating the perfect group of ‘avengers’. After all, not all superheroes wear capes. The series may not be suitable for those looking for serious revenge plans. 

Instead, we are getting some cutthroat ladies nicely in a short and light drama that is going to draw laughs. The drama may seem illogical at times, but it is funny, tacky, and somewhat heartwarming as we watch the ladies grow closer over time. It’s worth a watch!. 

Finally, we are reaching the end of the list, and like people said, keep the best for last. Coming up next is the coolest mom squads in the history of (Korean) cinema. 

9. Reply 1988 

‘Friendship goals’ is what we have to call these three moms. With their matching perms that are the staple of fashion at the time, they face hardships together, depend on each other, and never miss out on gossip. 

All of the moms had been through quite a life experience, and despite different circumstances, they never failed to support each other. They are independent and, at the same time motherly. They are full of unconditional love and are the pillars that keep their families from falling apart. 

They are close-knit to the point of spending every single day bonding together. ‘Reply 1988’ just won’t be the same masterpiece it is without these strong women. 

10. Hi Bye Mama 

Many had said this to probably be ‘the weirdest lady’s gang ever’ because it consists of a guy’s new wife, his newly-resurrected old wife, and the old wife’s best friend. Unlike old K-dramas where the ex is going to tamper with the new relationship, ‘Hi Bye Mama’ has the ex and the current wife having a heart-to-heart. 

They understand each other better than any guy, bond over their kids, form a close friendship, and team up to spray water and threaten people with baseball bats. This unlikely friendship adds a light-hearted note to this otherwise tear-jerking drama. Family values, coping with loss, motherly love, and female friendship - all are featured in ‘Hi Bye Mama’. 

Wrapping Up

And that’s a conclusion. Was any of the dramas your favorite? Do you have any other #SquadGoals to suggest? Just comment down below.


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