16 Most Anticipated Korean Dramas of April To June 2024

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Here's your glimpse into the second quarter of 2024. What dramas can we expect in April through to June? Here's what's been announced. From thrillers to sci-fi, action, survival, time travel, and romance are awaiting us in Q2. 

16 Most Anticipated Korean Dramas of April To June 2024

16 Most Anticipated Korean Dramas of 2024 (April - June)

16. Blood Free

A sci-fi thriller, Blood Free will bring us some biotechs on the genetic engineering of meat. For centuries, people have consumed the meat of animals. But with the forward progression of meat that's been engineered, the market has changed. 

The drama will focus on rising questions surrounding the biotech and the CEO of BF. With multiple main characters, one lead in particular has a military background, which he puts to use as a bodyguard. The drama stars Ju Ji Hoon, Han Hyo Joo, and Lee Hee Joon. 

15. Parasite: the Grey

The manga and anime series has now received its Korean adaptation. Fans of Parasite are looking forward to Parasite the Grey. Parasitic rainwater will fall and humans get infected as the parasites take over their brains. 

Our female lead will realize that she has the parasite which has failed to take over her brain and they must now coexist in the same body. Meanwhile, the hunt for lost family members and an investigative team will be following the devastation left behind by these parasites. 

14. The Brave Yong Soo Jung

Here's a quick drama mention for you daily drama fans. MBC has an upcoming Monday to Friday daily with an episode count of 120 airing this April. A business, family, romance, and melodrama will await us. 

Our female lead will strive to succeed in business, whereas our male lead will come to find a connection to a wealthy family. Stars cast in the leading roles include Um Hyun Kyung and Seo Joon Young. 

13. Chief Inspector: The Beginning

This much-anticipated drama has a major positive throwback to the original Chief Inspector, which aired from 1971 to 1989 and was mentioned to have over 880 episodes. Now that's a long-running drama. 

Chief Inspector: The Beginning will be set in the 1960s, about a decade before the events of the original, and will be thoroughly world-building and establishing those loved characters as they enhance their investigative abilities. Stars cast in the leading roles include Lee Je-hoon, Lee Dong Hwi, and Choi Woo Sung. 

12. Missing Crown Prince

Our female lead kidnapped a prince who was set to marry him. So this will bring us some romantic comedy vibes while set against a historical time period. The main cast includes Suho and Hong Ye Ji. While these two are on the run, they'll face many situations together. 

And no doubt palace politics along with romance and a strong chemistry will heat things up. And there's even the conflict of a love triangle. This MBN drama has 20 episodes and is slated to air around mid-April. 

11. Lovely Runner

A web novel adaptation of The Best of Tomorrow will deliver a music-backed rom-com with a twist of fantasy through time travel. Our male lead, a top star idol, has been weathered down through exhaustion and sadly passes away. 

Our female lead has long admired his music, which got her through some difficult situations. Shocked by his passing, she'll suddenly find herself going back in time 15 years. Here she'll have a chance to connect with our male lead, and perhaps through that time travel butterfly effect, change the future. The drama stars Byung Woo Seok, Kim Hye Yoon, and Lee Seung Hyub. 

10. Uncle Sansik 

During some difficulties of the 1960s, two men who form a strong bond of friendship will bring us a motivated bromance of besties while under a dire and stressful period in the country. One of our leads, Song Kang-ho, will play Uncle Sam-sik, a guy with his own set of ways. 

And our other leading male character, as played by Byung-Yo Han, is considered quite elite in the military with strong values. Along with a large cast of various characters will bring about many strong performances in this military set, business, and historical drama. 

9. Connection 

A crime thriller with a dark mystery might keep you intrigued and guessing. One friend passes away, leaving behind 5 billion won of insurance money. 

His former classmates will be on the case as some of our leading characters include a detective, a reporter, and a police inspector as they try to uncover the mystery surrounding the death of their classmate. The SBS drama stars Ji Sung, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Kyung Nam. 

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8. Although I am Not A Hero

With a twist on the time travel concept, in this drama, our male lead can go back in time but only to the happiest of moments, which isn't a bad thing. The glitch is he can't change anything in the past. His family are all gifted with unique supernatural powers too. 

However, slightly depressed, our male lead's powers have diminished. But not just his, due to present-day occurrences that have taken a toll on his family members, they too lose their powers. One day, our female lead gets involved and ends up living with our male lead and his family. 

A strange new occurrence will take place as things begin to change. The drama mixes romance and fantasy, along with some psychological elements. The drama stars Jang Ki Young, Chun Woo Hee, and Ko Doo Shim. 

7. Resident Playbook

Also known as A Life of a Resident That Will Be Wise Someday, Go Youn Jong, Shin Si Ah, and Kang Yoo Seok star in this medical slice-of-life drama, which will have a touch of comedy in the day-to-day dramatics, as our leads navigate through realistic portrayals of the lives of doctors, medical staff, and residents. 

The story takes place in a university hospital. The drama will strongly focus on our leads' friendships and lives. It's slated to be a weekend drama airing on Saturdays and Sundays. 

6. Crash

With a strong focus on traffic crimes and cases, follows a traffic crime investigation team that keeps track of crimes of road rage, insurance fraud, blackmail, and other intense driving issues that arise. Our male and female leads work together to solve these crimes and cases behind various vehicle and driver situations. 

Our female lead is cool and collected, and maybe even a little badass, whereas our male lead's warmth and genius will lend a hand in these cases through a strong effort of teamwork. In the leading roles, we have Lee Min Ki, Kwak Seung Young, and Ha Sung Tae. 

5. The 8 Show 

Looking forward to more Webtoon adaptations? Well, get ready for the upcoming adaptation of the psychological thriller Money Game. In this drama, a variety reality show will cast eight people to remain inside of a studio completely of concrete. If they can survive 100 days, the contestants will divide a winning prize of 44.8 billion won. 

In order to survive, they will need to purchase necessities from food to water and electricity, but the astronomical cost of these is nearly 1,000 times more, and they must decide carefully what they want to deduct from the main prize. The survival drama will be intense. The drama stars Ryu Jun-Yeol, Chun Woo Hee, and Park Jeong Min. 

4. Player Season 2

The TVN season 2 of Player is scheduled to air in June. It's an action and crime drama that brought viewers thrills and comedy. Season 1 followed a skilled group of scammers, exceptional drivers, hackers, and intense fighters who joined forces to steal illegally gained money, also known as dirty money, from the super-rich. 

Directed by Go Jae Hyun, this noir drama really grabbed our attention. In the leading roles, we have Sung Soon Heon, Oh Yeon Seo, and Lee Si Eon. 

3. The Midnight Romance in Hagwon 

A melodramatic romance at an education academy will set the stage for love in this kdrama where our male lead resigns from his current job only to go back to an academy where his first love is teaching at. His longing to see her is amplified. 

Our female lead is known as the miracle of Daichi and appears to be of legendary status now. The romance will ignite with exes reuniting after many years. A first love concept with conflict between characters who already have a past connection and strong chemistry. The drama stars Jung Ryeo Won, Wi Ha-joon, and Seo Ju-Yeon. 

2. DNA Lover 

DNA Lover will pair up our female lead who is a talented genetic researcher who unfortunately has failed many relationships, deciding to now find her love through genetics and science. Comedy will ensue, and EX will also return to her life, stirring up past conflict and emotions. 

Jung In Sun and Choi Si Won will star as our main couple, and Lee Tae Hwan has also been cast among the leading characters. DNA Lover is on our radar for this June. 

1. She Is Different Day And Night

You might get some mild Miyazaki, Howl's Moving Castle, and Sophie vibes here. This drama will showcase our female lead, whose appearance is night and day. Literally, during the day, she's a hardworking youth who's also busy studying and preparing for her civil service examination. 

One night, she will awaken as an older lady. She is now a middle-aged woman. Our male lead might be a bit of a perfectionist and workaholic, kind of cold and collected. Yet, this drama promises romance and comedy with a twist. Lee Jung Eun, Jung Eun Ji, and Choi Jin Hyuk are starring in the leading roles. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our 16 Most Anticipated Korean Dramas of April To June 2024 list. Which kdrama are you most looking forward to? You can let us know in the comment section below. I am actually a big fan of time travel. Lovely Runner is going on my watch list.


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