Top 10 Richest Korean Drama Actors of 2023

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Not only do these celebrities take home a lot of green for their work in the entertainment industry, it adds to their ever-climbing wealth and net worth. They also appear to be green flags in terms of kindness and professionalism. 

We'll check out these top 10 stars who impressed us with their incredible talents throughout many drama roles, and who ended up becoming the richest Korean celebrities. 

Top 10 Richest Korean Drama Actors of 2023

Top 10 Korea's richest actors as of 2023

Number 10. Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook

This romantic and action star is said to have gained a net worth of around 12 million USD. Not only is he a well-rounded and talented actor, but the celeb is also known for his singing. His on-screen debut was back in 2008, in the independent film Sleeping Beauty, but he's likely most recognized for his major role in the historical Empress Ki (2013) and the action drama Healer (2014). 

The K2 (2016) and his most recent drama Welcome to Samdal-ri (2023), which is likely making everyone's watch list. Not only famous for his work as a Korean actor the star has been cast in the Chinese drama Mr. Right, which boasts 36 episodes, and we're awaiting its release date. 

The busy actor has other upcoming works in Queen Woo, Bulk, and Sculpture City. Playing a variety of characters and showing his incredible range, it's not surprising how he quickly rose to fame and gained his incredible net worth. 

Number 9. Jo In Seong 

Jo In Seong

He's made major waves dating back to his work in 2004, What Happened in Bali, and also as the heart-melting lead in That Winter The Wind Blows. While the star's drama roles might not be as busy and active as others, he's known for his strong on-screen presence, which has been displayed throughout his film roles, where he seems to be more active. 

The latest film, Smugglers, was released in 2023 and his next movie, Hope, is awaiting a release date. The star took on a support role in the drama Dear My Friends in 2016. Drama fans were happy to see him back again in the gripping and trending drama Moving, which also aired this 2023. 

With many accomplishments throughout the entertainment industry, Jo In Seong has reached many fans and viewers. We look forward to his next projects. His estimated net worth is 12 million USD, making him one of the most wealthy Korean stars. 

Number 8. Gong Yoo 

Gong Yoo

Handsome, adorable, and even at times mysterious this low-profile actor with a huge screen presence. He is adored and loved by fans worldwide. We simply could not get enough of his role in Coffee Prince, starring under his stage name Gong Yoo. His actual name is Gong Ji Chul. 

For over 20 years, the almost ageless, immortal appearing actor has been shining brightly on our screens through dramas and films. Goblin was a global success that captured the imagination and hearts of K-drama fans around the globe. As their favorite star portrayed an immortal goblin. 

The star then surprised fans with his guest role appearance in Squid Game Season One. He'll be reprising that small but pivotal role for the upcoming second season. His other dramas include The Silent Sea and the upcoming eight-episode drama Trunk, in which he plays a main role. 

Gong Yoo's net worth is up there in the ballpark of 14 million USD. Way to go, Gong Yoo! We are rooting for your continued success. 

Number 7. Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi

The famous actor with expressive features is known for his multi-talented abilities, as he's also popular for his variety hosting and adored by fans for his singing where he shares his music while on tours. 

It's stated that the recently married celeb has a net worth of approximately 16 million USD. His wife is actress Lee Da In. The celebrity couple is expecting their first child. Known for his work in My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho, Brilliant Legacy, A Korean Odyssey, and The Action-packed Mouse. 

While it appears Lee Seung Gi does not have any drama released in 2023, he did have a guest role in the film Ma'am Chief Shakedown in Seoul, which is a Filipino movie. His next Korean film, titled About Family, is waiting for its release date. 

Fans simply can't get enough of this popular and wealthy star and are always anticipating his concerts, on-screen appearances, and his celebrity sightings. We wish him and his family success and love. 

Number 6. Hyun Bin 

Hyun Bin

We have the one and only Secret Garden celeb and also Crash Landing on You main male lead Hyun Bin. Throughout his acting career, he amassed thousands of fans across the globe for his work, and he certainly rode that Hallyu wave. 

The sought-after celebrity has a huge list of credits to his name, from popular and classic dramas spanning generations of fans. His mega success in the hit Crash Landing on You brought about an IRL romance with his co-star Sonia Jin. The two married and also shared about the birth of their first child in 2022. 

With a net worth of about 21 million USD, it's safe to say the sought-after celeb can be selective for his work if he wants to. And while he's not appearing in any dramas since 2019, his movies The Pointman and Harbin had him back on our screens this 2023. From action to enduring romance, Hyun Bin is the complete package. 

Number 5. Song Joong Ki 

Song Joong Ki

A 24 million USD net worth. It could be something to boast about, but the humble and kind Song Joong Ki would likely never be that boastful. Instead, he is known to be a thoughtful and considerate celebrity, especially for his fans and co-stars. 

The handsome actor has a growing portfolio of credits, from his role in the Sungkyunwan Scandal to the mega-hit Descendants of the Sun, Vincenzo and Reborn. Rich fans have closely followed his dramas and films. 

He earlier went on to marry his dots co-star Song Hye Kyo, and they were once known romantically as the Songsong couple. However, things didn't work out and they divorced. He then found a new love with British actress Katy Louise Saunders. 

Their relationship was surprisingly announced in January 2023, and their first child was born in June of that same year. Extremely successful for his acting, Song Joong Ki has upcoming films which include Hopeless, My Name Is Loh Kiwan, and Pagoda City of the Lost, also scheduled for 2024. 

Number 4. Lee Min Ho 

Lee Min Ho

From his success in Boys Over Flowers, two other main stand-out roles such as Kim Tan in drama The Heirs. This 37 year old star went on to gain mass popularity for his work in Legend of Blue Sea King, The Eternal Monarch, and the more recent brooding drama Pachinko. 

The versatile Min Ho continued his rise to fame and superstardom, gaining endorsements as he won the hearts of many with his very attractive visuals, strong character portrayals, and his good manners. 

Fans appreciate the star and his work, as do his co-stars. So much so, that he once received a personal wedding invitation from Park Shin Hye, but she had it addressed with some comedic flair. To: Kim Tan The character he played opposite her in The Heirs. 

Min Ho is so wealthy, that he's estimated to have a net worth of approximately 26 million USD, which is no small sum. Known for his work in romantic dramas, the actor has also showcased his more serious side. We look forward to his next projects. 

Number 3. Lee Jung Suk

Makes your heart beat fast when he delivers those smooth lines and casts romantic glances at many female lead actors and models. Lee Jung Suk quickly gained popularity for his incredible visuals and authentic delivery of his scripted lines. 

Appearing in the Drama School 2013, the actor then went on to bag numerous leading roles and gave heartfelt performances in all his dramas, like in I Can Hear Your Voice, Pinocchio Romance is a Bonus Book, and Big Mouth. 

The star's next anticipated drama Still awaiting a release date is Jade Lovers, where he's been cast in the role of Bai Lu Han, the main lead. Jung Suk is also at present dating idol actress IU. His net worth is only about 32 million USD. Pretty impressive right? 

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Number 2. So Ji Sub 

Some celebs need no introductions The Master Sun star's portfolio of work is wide and filled with a variety of performances and roles. Did you know that So Ji Sub was once a competitive swimmer, even bringing home the bronze medal at the Korean National Games? 

In addition to his athletic abilities, he went on to have massive castings for roles both on the small screen and big screen. The famed actor is said to have a net worth of 41 million USD. His work as a romantic lead always made us swoon and as an action hero, we rooted for him. 

And it's where he garnered many of his fans in dramas like Terius Behind Me in 2018, then Doctor Lawyer in 2022. But he's also most famously known for his cold male lead role in The Master's Sun. His next upcoming drama is Mercy for None. It's a mystery action and a Netflix original, So Ji Sub has never ceased to impress and amaze us. 

Number 1. Kim Soo Hyun 

Kim Soo Hyun

With one of the most incredible estimated net worth among all top actors in South Korea, it could be hard to catch the estimated 117 million USD net worth of Kim Soo Hyun. The Hallyu Wave star, who appears to be an immortal with those youthful looks, continues to rise higher in popularity. 

Even now his dramas continue to gain high ratings. But first, let's take a look back to that famous holly wave, which escalated from his role in My Love From the Star, where he played a handsome alien. But his debut was back in the 2007 drama Kimchi Cheese Smile. 

Kim Soo Hyun went on to gain more and more roles, thus advancing his skills and ability to portray various kinds of characters. We last saw him in the drama One Ordinary Day back in 2021, but the celeb will soon be back on the small screen in a business romance drama, Queen of Tears. But it was that romantic leading role in My Love from the Star that really ignited that huge wave of love for him. We look forward to seeing him back on our screen soon. 

Wrapping Up 

That wraps up our top 10 list of the richest Korean actors. What do you think of this list? Do you have a favorite actor on it? Let us know in the comments section below.


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