Top 10 Highest Rated Rom Com K-dramas From 2022 and 2023

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 Top 10 highest rated rom com K-dramas for 2022 and 2023

Hello K drama lovers, welcome back. In today's article, we've got a great list for you with some of the highest-rated romantic comedies as voted and ranked by IMBD users just like you, if you want to see your favorite, make our list, head on over to our website at Create your profile and start rating. Feeling warm and fuzzy? Let's get on with it. 

Top 10 Highest Rated Rom Com K-dramas From 2022 and 2023

Special Mention

First up, we've got a special mention for you with K-drama King The Land. It's soaring with high ratings from viewers around the world for its heart-fluttering romance and stunning hotel setting where our hardworking female lead will meet our rich male lead as they cross paths and later share a sweet romance amidst the diligent and hard work that they must face within the hotelier industry. 

10. Crazy Love 

A slow-burn office romance. Crazy Love will follow the story of our female lead, who is a hard-working and possibly underappreciated secretary who no one in her office seems to really acknowledge. 

But they will soon take notice of her as she's worked for the infamous and narcissistic boss of the company for just over a year, and she is starting to get recognition. Our male lead is a brilliant math instructor, a genius CEO, and pretty attractive. 

One day he gets notified with a life-threatening message and everything changes Our female lead also seems to be in a dire circumstance, and the two will end up in a fake relationship. The 16-episode Kbs2 drama stars Kim Jae Wook and Krystal Jung. 

Number 9. Yumi's Cells Season 2

Based on the hit webtoon Yumis Cells season two scored just as highly as the first one and will have us back following Yumi once more. 

Our female lead who is recovering from a painful breakup with a mix of live-action and some cute animation, Yumi is a lot wiser in her decisions now, but her love cells are shut down. 

Previously in season one, a chance meeting with a game designer ignited a spark between both their love cells. Our drama's themes are slice-of-life romance and comedy, which is well written and showcased here. 

Number 8. Shooting Stars 

In Shooting Stars we get a look at the entertainment industry. Our female lead is the head of a PR team responsible to clean up the mess and disasters left behind by their celebrity clients. 

One celeb is celebrated and even loved across the country. And for our female lead, he happens to be a blast from the past. In her college days, he of course shows a different personality to the public. But behind the scenes his true attitude is known It seems our leads can't stand each other but have no choice but to work together. 

He's so handsome and under the spotlight, but any mistakes he makes could cause a scandal or damage to his reputation. She'll have to make sure that his image stays consistent. There might even be some tense conflicts which later may melt into a sweet love. The drama has multiple means and some familiar faces that you'll love. 

Number 7. The Forbidden Marriage 

After the death of a beloved queen, this king of Joseon has lost his wife. He has since declined remarriage, even though his body of government and political members may be strongly encouraging it, he simply cannot let go of his love for his precious queen. 

As such, the nation enacted an edict banning the marriage of single women during the time period that the king remained without a wife, the ban is not well received. As for our female lead, she's a sassy swindler who is later caught. 

She also made some possible baseless claims that the spirit of the Queen still lives in the palace. When this girl is later jailed and brought before the king to save herself, she pretends to be possessed by the Queen. 

This opens things up for a historical romcom with a touch of mystery. The Forbidden Marriage is also based on a webtoon. 

Number 6. Gaus Electronics 

This slice-of-life webtoon comedy takes us to an office setting and will highlight the team of an electronics company. 

Romance awaits us here, too, albeit the stress levels could be through the roof, especially for the marketing team of Gauss Electronics in the appliance department, the drama has multiple mains in varying positions at the company, but the daily dynamic brings them together. 

Not to mention cute chemistry and love interest will arise as you watch this business romcom. Infused with many hilarious and touching moments. It also has aspects of life we can relate to, making this a light-hearted and enjoyable watch. 

Number 5. From Now On, Showtime

A popular TV magician and an enthusiastic police officer will team up to solve crimes and stop criminals by utilizing his clever skills as a magician. There are some supernatural vibes at work here. 

Our magician's acts, which delight viewers and audiences, are assisted by none other than ghosts. But in this new opportunity for our male lead, perhaps he'll be able to conjure up some romance too, especially with our female lead. 

This rom-com definitely has some mystery, investigation, and fantasy woven together for a fresh take on the genre. With big stars like Park Hae Jin and Jin Ki Joo, this drama should be on your watch list. 

Number 4. Seasons Of Blossom

A coming-of-age school drama where viewers will follow five students' lives at Seoyeon High School, where our main characters will attend strong friendships, love, and the always intriguing journey of youth will be shared and displayed in seasons of Blossom, where all of our individual leads will have their own moments, identities, dreams, and goals. 

There are some reflections of past and present moments in this youth drama, which is vibrantly cast. Season of Blossom is adapted from a webtoon of the same name. We will see how they face the challenges of life at their age, and also the simple joys that they share in their friendships. 

Number 3. Crash Course in Romance 

A genius math professor with a celebrity-like status and extremely popular will have some conflicts with the charming owner of a side dish shop. She used to be a brilliant national athlete. Now, later in life, she looks after her daughter and her brother while maintaining that delicious side dish shop. 

The popular math professor gets involved with our female lead and her family accidentally through a funny circumstance, which will kind of set them up as enemies to lovers with initial low impressions of each other. 

These two later come to realize, despite the little love-hate antics that they faced early on, how much they value each other. This is a fresh take on romance and was enjoyed by fans of our main OTP who found love later in life. This drama doesn't just focus on romance but also family and also delivers some mystery and thriller. 

Number 2. Love To Hate You

Our female lead is actually a novice but legal lawyer who also happens to have incredible street fighting skills, from throwing punches to tricky action maneuvers. She really is talented, clever, and strong. Our male lead is a famous actor and celebrity, but he leaves her with a bad impression of his personality, so she decides to do what she can to get back at him. 

When her fight skills are observed, he decides to hire her to teach him how to naturally act similar moves for a role that he's cast in. It's not long until she realizes she's misjudged him, and somehow their working together will land them in a contract-like relationship which, according to most K-drama formulas, means that they will fall in love. 

You'll love the casting and character portrayals here through a stellar cast lineup. 

Bonus Mentions

  • See you in my 19th life
  • Love and contract
  • Heavenly idol
  • love is for suckers. 
  • Bo Ra, Deborah 
  • A Good Day to Be a Dog

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Number 1. A Business Proposal

This very comedic office rom-com is adapted from the popular webtoon The Office Blind Date, a drama that gained massive viewership for its standout characters around the world. We also had two on-screen romances. 

One pairing was our main OTP and the other was our second lead. Both couples have incredible chemistry. Our main female lead is an office worker who, at the request of her wealthy best friend, steps in for her for a blind date with the goal of scaring off our male lead. 

However, he has his own agenda and strongly pursues her through many hilarious encounters and moments. K-drama fans adored this couple. A business proposal is sure to make you smile and has that theme of rich man, poor woman. Also, contract relationship with a boss and employee starring on Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list. Didn't see your favorite? Well, head on over to the comment section and rate your favorites. What is your favorite K-drama rom-com? Was it on this list? If not, let us know which one it is and we'll see you next time! thanks for giving your time.


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