Gyeongseong Creature Season 2 KDrama Is About To Change Everything

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Gyeongseong Creature Season 2 Is About To Change Everything

Han So-hee and Park Seo-jun had us in a tight grip with their amazing performances in Gyeongsong creature, leaving us begging for more. Luckily, filming for season 2 has already begun, and we've got some major updates. 

That's right, thanks to the incredible popularity of the series, Seo-jun and So-hee will most likely be returning to our screens this summer. Netflix confirmed that another season is on the way, but they haven't shared specifics yet. 

Gyeongseong Creature Season 2 Is About To Change Everything

It's said that the filming took place between February and September of last year, which suggests it's going to be just as impressive as the first season.

The intriguing post credits scene we saw at the end of season one already gave away that the next season would have a completely different setting to freshen everyone's memory a little. 

Gyeongseong Creature Season 2

In this scene, a new character named Ho Jae is introduced. He's played by Seo Joon and seems to be living in Gyongsong in a totally different era since the city is now called Seoul. Considering the first season took place in 1945, the next season will be set several decades later. Part of the scene that raised the most questions is Ho Jae's mysterious scar.

Director Chung Dong Yoon dished a little more on the time jump in an interview with Netflix and shared his vision for the next part of the show. He said season two presents a story with a completely different charm. 

The change in space and time period will provide a clear distinction, offering an expanded universe feel. 

Since season 1 earned a lot of praise for being a historical drama with a twist, the decision to set in the future is pretty bold, as the postcredits scene suggests, the drama will be set in modern day Soul, which could make it feel like a totally different show for some. 

But considering that the same actors will play the main characters, the story probably won't be disconnected from the past at all, making it even more intriguing than it was before.

Although Netflix doesn't like to spoil, they've been releasing some exclusive content related to the next season, so keep on watching to find out what that's all about. But first, the burning question is who and what is Ho Jae? And how is he connected to Taesong? 

The resemblance between them is uncanny because, well, they're played by the same actor. The simplest, most logical explanation would be that they're related.

For example, it could be that Taesong is his grandfather. Besides, in k dramas, actors play their character's descendants all the time. But keeping in mind all the twists and turns this drama presented to us in the first season, there's probably a lot more to the story. 

There's another wild theory that Ho Jae is actually Taesong and Chaeok's love child. That seems a little less likely, though, since the show didn't even properly expand on their relationship yet.

While Ho Jae could very much be some sort of descendant of Taesong, it can't be ruled out that it's still Taesong, who now goes by the name of Ho Jae. How he managed to survive all those years is a big mystery, and Netflix is keeping a tight lid on any spoilers. 

If Taesong is actually still alive after all those years, it definitely has something to do with the mysterious powers of the Najin. The biggest clue that Taesang is still alive is the eerie scar on Hoje's neck. 

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Judging from what we know about the monsterization process, this scar shows he may have transformed into some sort of monster, or even had some type of mysterious surgery performed on him to become immortal.

That would explain why he never aged a day, even though decades passed. Although we don't know all the details of Kato's experiments with the Najin, there's a good possibility Teasang got infected sometime during the time jump, causing him to become an immortal monster. 

It's not far fetched to believe that he was the one who drank the contaminated water from episode seven. Which means he could have transformed without even knowing. Episode seven ended with Teasang walking out of the hospital completely covered in blood, even leaving a mark of blood on the wall.

There's no denying that's pretty ominous, and it could even be an indication that he's now a monster. Another hint might be that Teasang healed pretty quickly from his injuries, which might be yet another indication that he's not fully human in the modern era. 

He might go by Ho Jae so that people don't discover he's actually been alive for centuries. In other words, it could just be a fake identity he's using. An even more far fetched theory is that it will be revealed that Ho Jae is actually Myungja's child.

Some viewers believe that General Kato's cruel experiments on her somehow led to Ho Jea's birth. However, this wouldn't explain his uncanny resemblance to Teasang. It also doesn't really fit in the timeline of the show, making this a really wild guess. 

The cliffhanger showed that Chaok is also still alive, even though we all thought she passed away. Judging from the stills posted by Netflix, Chaok will also be alive in present day Seoul without having aged a year.

It could be that she's reincarnated, but with the way season one ended, that seems very unlikely. A better explanation would be that she also managed to stay alive all those years. Teasang and Chaok's love story was the driving force of the first season, so it wouldn't make sense if the director left their relationship unexplored. 

If both actors play descendants of their characters, that would mean Chaok and Teasang never got together and had separate families. The best explanation is that those infected with the Najan age much slower than average humans, which is why both of them still look the same.

Cheok was infected in the final scene when her mother transformed part of the parasite into her to save her life. If this is really the case, that means Cheok is no longer human and has some sort of special powers. 

Although it's not exactly charming to be a brain eating monster, it's the most logical explanation as to why we'll see her in present day Soul to satisfy fans a little more, Netflix Korea released a few stills of season two, where we can see the two in the present day. 

In one of the pictures, Sohi is covered in blood yet again, meaning there's definitely going to be a lot more suspense this time around. The other picture shows Sojun in a place full of antique items, hinting at a time shift in the storyline.

The pictures also obviously confirm that, So-hee and Park Seo-jun will be back to claim the lead roles in the caption they wrote, after 78 years, let us meet again. In other words, we're in for a wild ride. Considering that the timeline will be completely different this time around, fans already had a feeling that the show would introduce a time jump at some point. 

Since fans caught glimpses of Seo-jun and So-hee at the filming site last year, they were dressed in modern clothing, which made fans assume that there'd either be some time jump or that the drama would also include time travel. Well, we know the answer to that now.

Also exciting is that if Chae AK really did turn into some sort of zombie, we'll probably see a completely different side to her in the next season. We already know that the Najan gives its hosts superhuman strength and makes them practically indestructible. 

There's a high chance it slows down aging too, but apart from that, it also changes its host's personality. We watch Cheok beg her mother not to give into rage, but now that she's a hybrid herself, will she manage to keep her cool? 

Keeping in mind that Cheok lost her father as well, she might have a lot more pent up rage to unleash in the next season, making us see a completely different side to her.

Although everyone is eager to know what will happen to Tasang and Cheok, and whether they'll find love again in the future, it's also a big mystery who the villain of next season will be. 

The finale of season one had a few loose ends and ominous hints at trouble in the future. For instance, the fate of Myungja's child is one undiscovered subplot that could cause a lot of chaos. 

We know that Lady Meta chose to experiment on Myungja out of spite, since she was the mistress of her husband. However, it seems like she didn't think through the consequences of her actions.

In the final episode, we saw Myeongja give birth to a baby while contaminated with the nudgen. In the final scene, we see General Kato holding the newborn while part of the nudgeon slithers under their skin. 

The baby has green, inhumane looking eyes, suggesting that they'll grow up to be a monster. Considering the child is left in terrible hands, it could grow up to be the main villain in season two. The story of Meta and General Kato might not be over either.

Meta somehow miraculously survived the hospital fire, even though she was right beside the explosion. We know that Kato had some of the Najin left, and even offered it to Mida when Joseyan gained its independence. 

He left the glass of water, which may or may not have been contaminated with the Najin in her possession. We have no idea what she did with this glass. There's a possibility she decided to drink it to get powers of her own.

Or perhaps she decided to continue the experiments and decided to raise Myungja's baby on her own. It could even be that Kato forced her to turn because he needed her alive for her funds. Whatever went down, there's a big possibility that she'll return for the second season to cause even more trouble.


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