18 Most Anticipated Netflix Kdramas of 2024

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 Upcoming Netflix K-dramas 2024

Hey K-Drama lovers, we're glad you're here because today we have your upcoming and currently airing Netflix 2024 K-drama list. What's coming to the platform? Stick around to find out. 

Upcoming Netflix K-dramas 2024

18. All of Us Are Dead Season 2 

This popular action horror is back with its next installment, a high school zombie survival series with a talented cast who gave phenomenal performances, which include Park Ji Hu, ChanKyung Young, Cho Yi Hyun, Lomon, and Lee Eun Saem. 

And our characters who survived the first season might be making another appearance in season one. They were running for their very lives and escaping from their fellow students. 

As in the first part of the drama series, there was a virus outbreak that rapidly spread throughout a high school, which then became ground zero. 

As the virus further spread out, friendships were tested as students from various social backgrounds faced death at every turn. All of Us Are Dead is adapted from the webtoon of the same name. 

17. Queen of Tears 

Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won lend their talents to this business melodrama that also delivers some romantic vibes. Our female lead is an heiress who is also known as the Queen, and our male lead is a lawyer for the Queen's Group conglomerate. 

But they both have different social backgrounds. They will soon encounter a marriage crisis that will challenge them professionally and romantically. The drama will also have a focus on family dynamics and relationships. 

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16. Parasyte: The Gray

Adapted from the popular Japanese manga, Parasyte, the K-drama adaptation will channel that parasite vibe as the dangerous parasites who are set on stealing the brains of their host will fall through rainwater. 

Our female lead discovers she has a parasite who failed to take over her brain, but occupies one hand. The two must now coexist. 

The thrilling story is investigative and full of suspense, as we follow our leading characters who rise up against the parasites and try to uncover and make sense of these happenings. The action miniseries is set to air on Netflix this year and stars Koo Kyu Hwan Lee Jung, and Jeon So Nee. 

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15. Captivating The King 

A royal and historical adventure awaits us in captivating the King, where our male lead, played by Jo Jung Suk, is a grand prince. He's devoted and loyal to his brother the King. But a set of circumstances will lead to a misunderstanding and cause a separation between them. 

However, he will later become targeted by our female lead, a lady from a noble family who in disguise is an excellent baduk player, and she crosses paths with our male lead, and through a game of baduk, they will become intrigued by each other. The drama will have romance, palace politics, and melodrama. 

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14. The Whirlwind 

A whirlwind of political drama is in store for us this year. The web series will focus on government corruption and a prime minister who wants to punish the president while focusing on interactions between powerful families and a chaebol corporation. And this will be no easy task. 

Our female lead is a deputy Prime minister. All involved will undergo a battle of wit and politics. Sol Kyung GU and Kim Hee Ae, to name a few, will have their talents showcased as our key players. 

13. Squid Game Season 2 

The action thriller and survival drama which took the world by storm and dominated the Netflix top ten list. Squid Game brought us a gripping story where those at the lowest points of their lives were recruited and competed for a large sum of money they did not know about the deadly consequences of the game. 

In this winner-take-all, they competed in various challenges. Fan favorite characters rose up among the players. In part 2 number 456 will be back to go up against the dangerous people who gamble with other's lives. 

Lee Jung Jae, Gong Yoo, and other notable stars will be reprising their roles alongside several new faces. 

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12. The 8 Show 

Top stars Ryu Joon Yeol, Chun Woo Hee, Park Jung Min, and Park Hae Joon are some of the leads that we will see in this mystery thriller and psychological drama. 

The show, also known as Money Game, which is based on a webtoon, will have eight people in need of money who agree to appear on a variety show. The challenge is to survive a duration of 100 days in a studio, which consists of concrete walls. 

The large cash prize is deemed to be divided equally among those who remain. The money is also used for their survival costs of living, such as food, water, and amenities, which within the studio are a thousand times more than the realistic prices. Whatever is used will be deducted from the grand prize, so the challenge begins. 

11. Alone In The Woods

The drama focuses on our leading male characters, which includes one man who is situated in a rural area during the summer of the year 2000, and our other lead who resides in a forested area running a pension in the summer of 2021. 

With a village background, this noir drama is a mystery thriller but also psychological. Our female lead is a chief of police who can be quite obsessive, but she's also very determined and it sounds like there could be something mysterious taking place. 

This drama is also a mini-series, and our characters will be played by Kim Yoon Seok, Yoon Kye Sang, Go-Min Si, and Lee Jung Eun. 

10. Gyeongsang Creature Season 2

The sci-fi and monster supernatural-fueled drama topped many discussions, as our male and female lead teamed up in part one and continued on the path of discovery, where they faced the horror of monsters born from human greed. 

Disturbing and dangerous, this action thriller had viewers clicking for the next episode, where our male lead, who has an admirable reputation, initially crossed paths with our female lead, who is from a lower class of society. 

But it appears they both will have the same ambition. The drama stars Park SEO Joon and Han So Hee. 

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9. Mr. Plankton

The attractive and handsome Woo Do Hwan will appear opposite the lovely Lee You Mi. This on-screen OTP will be lighting up our screens in Mr. Plankton, a rom-com that will depict an emotionally unavailable male lead who can't seem to connect or fit in with anyone, more or less like a plankton. 

And desiring that sense of belonging, our female lead might be able to provide him with just that warmth, kindness, and affection. 

8. Karma

Adapted from the webtoon Akyeon, we all know the premise of karma, good and bad but in this K-drama, we'll get a crime thriller of people who pursue their own desires while destroying the lives of those around them. 

Our female lead is a surgeon. The story will also touch on past childhood traumas, so some heavier topics viewer discretion might be advised for the suspenseful mini-series starring Park Hae Soo and Shin Min Ah. 

7. Weak Hero Class two

This drama packed a punch quite literally, and viewers were hooked with well-choreographed action and fight sequences. 

Weak Hero is another webtoon adaptation that scored highly in popularity on screen, as a talented young cast brought to life the complicated characters and friendships were tested. 

Now, in a new school, our lead will face even more powerful bullies. But with his calculations and natural fighting talent, this might make him an unexpected but powerful opponent. The drama stars Park Ji Hoon as our main male lead. 

6. Hong Rang 

This historical melodrama is filled with mystery and a touch of romance and has our female lead, who faced hard circumstances, encounter some new situations. She is a beauty who is clever, but her personality traits are just not ideal. 

She was also mistreated by her stepmother while her half-brother lived like a prince. His disappearance at a young age will have him reappearing about a decade later, with no memory of his childhood. He also has a new identity. 

The K-drama is adapted from the novel Tangeum, Swallowing Gold, and stars Lee Jae Wook and Jo Bo Ah. 

5. Hierarchy 

A talented young cast which includes Roh Jeong Eui, Lee Chae Min, Kim Jae Won, Ji Hye Won, and Lee Won Jung have all been cast as the main characters. 

They'll be backed up by a talented supporting cast. Hierarchy is a high school set drama that takes place at the most prestigious school in South Korea, where wealthy students from various conglomerate families were selected at birth to be students at Jishan High. 

But a mystery and secret could cause the school to crumble. As one transfer student may have a gentle smile, he knows something secretive. 

4. The Bequeathed 

Viewers and drama fans have been anticipating the highly discussed K-drama The Bequeathed, and now the first episodes are available. 

Our female lead will find herself in a village where she is now the heiress of a gravesite left to her by her late uncle. And while it's an unusual inheritance, other family members will also become involved. 

Her family's history will also start to unravel. We'll have some mystery and thriller brought to us by a variety of characters. The drama will star Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hee Soon. 

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3. A Killer's Paradox 

Choi Woo Shik stars as our main male lead, a noir hero, and also a college student who takes it upon himself to punish those who commit evil crimes against others. 

He'll soon realize his unique paranormal power. After a confrontation with a customer at his part-time job, the man passes away accidentally. During their disagreement, our lead realized that the customer was a serial killer. 

He will then come to understand his ability to be able to recognize the Bad Seeds among humanity, but it won't be long until a detective is on the case. 

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2. Aema 

A time period drama will transport us back to the 1980s. The fictional comedy will cover those in Chungmuro who were involved with creating the movie Madame Aema, while capturing the stories and moments of the stars producers, crew, and directors before the film was finalized, giving us a glimpse at the film industry during that time period. 

Our main female lead will be played by Lee Ha Nee along with an incredible cast, this drama is sure to entertain. 

1. Doctor Slump 

One of the most anticipated K-dramas of 2024, is Park Shin Hye and Park Hyung Sik's medical romance Doctor Slump. Both of our leads face a low point in their lives. 

In a slump, they will reconnect and comfort each other despite our male lead once having considered her arrival, their reunion and recognition of each other's hardships will connect them and a romance will bloom between them. 

But their bickering and bantering will warm viewer's hearts as we watch them fall in love. 

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Bonus dramas and TV shows

  • Devil's Plan Season 2. 
  • Agents of Mystery. 
  • The Influencer. 

Wrapping Up

And that wraps up our list. It was a big one. What Netflix K-dramas are you looking forward to the most? You can let us know in the comment section below.


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