Top 10 Highest Rated Chinese Dramas That You Won't Want To Miss

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Romance dramas such as Hidden Love, Derailment, and Only for Love have become popular since they were launched because they have popular star actors and well-known novel adaptations. Although some Chinese rom-com dramas have not become huge hits, they have quietly gained a good reputation, so today we're going to give you a list of unpopular, high-rated Chinese dramas. Keep an eye out for these hidden treasures in the world of Chinese drama. 

Top 10 Highest Rated Chinese Dramas That You Won't Want To Miss

Top 10 Highest Rated Chinese Dramas That You Won't Want To Miss

Number 1. My boss 

Douban Score 7.0. 

My Boss is a popular rom-com drama that has received positive reviews as of the beginning of 2024. This drama stars Chen Jing Xu and Zhang Ruo Nan. It was not particularly anticipated before it was released. 

Unexpectedly, it was well received after it was broadcast. The Douban score is 7.0, which is better than a snowstorm of love and hidden love. Viewers have praised the chemistry between the two leads and the engaging storyline. 

The success of My Boss demonstrates that sometimes the best dramas are the ones that surprise us. This drama tells the story of Cheng Yao, who was admitted by the top law firm. She decided to move to a place closer to the company Unexpectedly, the other tenant turned out to be Zhang Heng, the boss of Cheng Yao law firm. 

On the first day, Zhang Heng started devil training on Cheng Yao, but the goal was to drive her away. Cheng Yao redoubled her efforts, but Zhang Heng was impressed and the two gradually developed a spark of love. Starring Chen Jing Xu and Zhang Ruo Nan, you can watch this drama with 36 episodes on Youku. 

Number 2. Crush 

Douban Score 7.0. 

It's a pity that the romance drama Crush didn't become a big hit. It was adapted from Mufu Sheng's novel of the same name, which has many fans. The story is about Sang Wu Yan, a brave girl who is out of tune and meets the male god at first sight. 

Su Nian Qin lost his sight and Sang Woo Yan peeled away. Su Nian Qin is aloof and cold shell like an onion. The two went through twists and turns, but Su Nian Qin recovered. His eyes returned and finally came together. 

Because Crush is an adaptation of a popular novel, it received a lot of attention before it was released. However, after it was released, there was insufficient publicity and marketing, which caused it to fail to gain popularity. However, it has a good reputation. 

The plot's rhythm is very comfortable with no cliche drama, and the shooting style is fresh and high quality. This is Lin Yan Jun's first starring role in a TV series, and his acting is more natural than expected. Lin Yan Jun's performance has been well-received by critics and audiences alike. Starring Evan Lin and Wan Peng, you can watch this drama with 24 episodes on iQiyi. 

Number 3. Dear Diary 

Douban Score 7.2. 

Dear Diary is a dark horse drama in 2021. Although it is not popular, it has good reviews. This drama stars two Taiwanese actors, Feng Xiaoyu, and Tiffany Hsu, as well as other new actors. It tells the story of Chen Maru, who has a lonely and eccentric personality. 

On her birthday night, she is pestered by a man dressed as an ancient Babylonian. She originally thought it was a prank, but unexpectedly, this self-proclaimed Weirdo Prince turned out to be a character she made up in her diary when she was 12 years old, thus beginning a hilarious and derailed healing journey of falling in love with her fantasy boyfriend. 

Despite not being popular, this drama has received positive feedback from viewers. The unique storyline and strong performances by the cast have contributed to its appeal. Starring Rhydian Vaughan and Bu Gwangjin, you can watch this drama with 24 episodes on iQiyi and Youku. 

Number 4. Mr. Bad 

Douban Score 7.4. 

Chen Zhe Yuan is as handsome as Mr. Bad as a hidden love. The plot is high sugar and light, and the two leading actors have unparalleled spark. The plot tells the story of Nan Xing, a girl who loves writing. When she made a wish, she accidentally summoned the villain Xiao Wu Di in her book. 

After the clever and cunning Xiao Wu Di came to this world, the two began to live as neighbors. Mr. Bad has been well received since its release. In addition to being a rare original script, the plot is also very funny and sweet without being cruel. 

The chemistry between the two leads, Chen Zhe Yuan and the female lead adds a charming dynamic to the story. Viewers have praised the series for its refreshing take on romantic comedy and unique storyline. Starring Chen Zhe Yuan and Shen Yue, you can watch this drama with 24 episodes on iQiyi. 

Number 5. Falling Before Fireworks

Douban Score 7.6. 

Despite the plot's usual enemy-to-lover trope, the initial impressions of the lead are also quite stereotypical. An ambitious female lead with a chip on her shoulder meets a cold, talented male. We soon find out that they are actually decent people, but both have damaged psyches. 

They might display a brave front, but their wounds run deep and they suffer in silence. There is a vulnerable individual behind the tough exterior. As they navigate their complex emotions and past traumas together, they begin to understand each other on a deeper level. 

Their journey towards healing and self-discovery creates a strong bond that transcends their initial animosity. Ultimately, they both realize that they are not so different after all. Starring Lu Yang Yang and Chen Xin Hai, you can watch this drama with 23 episodes on iQiyi. 

Number 6. The Day of Becoming You

Douban Score 7.6. 

The Day of Becoming You combines soul exchange and entertainment industry themes to tell the story of popular boy band idol Jiang Yi and entertainment journalist Yu Sheng Sheng. Their lives should not overlap much overlap, but on the day they share the same birthday, after exchanging bodies, they were unprepared to face very different lives. 

They could only guide each other and assist each other in covering up, and they gradually fell in love in the process. The Day of Becoming You appears to be a cliched soul exchange plot, but the story is not cliche at all. It's also very interesting, which causes a lot of conflict in the entertainment industry. 

The point is, that Yu Sheng Sheng is really great at performing. The souls were swapped to create the heroine and the different shy looks made drama fans laugh out loud. This story is a big plus for how well he can act. Starring Zhang Xincheng and Liang Jie, you can watch this drama with 26 episodes on iQiyi. 

Number 7. My Calorie Boy

Douban Score 8.0. 

The popularity of my Calorie Boy is very, very low, probably because of the title. However, many fans of the show highly recommend it. Most of the male protagonists in school dramas have a fixed routine, either the cool schoolboy or the handsome school bully. 

But this drama focuses on two marginal people the fat man Kang Jia Wei and the scumbag Xu Jing Jing. The plot is funny, the actors have good acting skills, there is a youthful atmosphere, and many of the plots are shot very delicately. 

Overall, My Calorie Boy offers a refreshing take on school dramas with its unique characters and engaging storyline. It is definitely worth a watch for those looking for something different in the genre. Starring Zhai Zi Lu and Dai Lu Wa, you can watch this drama with 30 episodes on iQiyi and Tencent Video. 

Number 8. Lovely Us 

Douban Score 8.1. 

The story takes place in 2007. Five children from Shu De faculty and staff Family Hospital entered high school together, welcoming their youth and teenage years. They are best friends and are always there for each other. 

They form their own clique named Number 1992 and embark on a journey filled with dreams, growth warmth, and romance. The style is a bit similar to the Korean drama Reply 1988, which is filled with laughter and tears. Nonetheless, this is a dark horse sweet rom-com that has received high ratings in recent years. 

The plot may seem a bit cliché at first glance. It is also a story about a domineering president in trouble and happy enemies who see each other in the eyes. But the plot is well written. Starring Marcus Li and Tian Xi Wei, you can watch this drama with 16 episodes on iQiyi. 

Number 9. High Venus

Douban Score 8.1. 

High Venus is a dark horse rom-com drama that has received super high ratings in recent years. Maybe you feel the plot appears cliche at first glance because the story is about a domineering president in trouble and happy enemies who see each other in the eyes. 

However, the unique character development and unexpected plot twists make High Venus stand out from other similar dramas in the genre. The chemistry between the lead actors is also a major highlight that keeps viewers engaged throughout the series. 

Happy enemies see each other in the eyes, showcasing a dynamic and complex relationship that adds depth to the overall story. Starring Joseph Zhang and Liang Jie, you can watch this drama with 24 episodes on Youku. 

Number 10. I Don't Want to be Friends with You

Douban Score 8.1. 

I Don't Want to Be Friends with You is the big dark horse of 2020. They don't have well-known starring actors and there is no overwhelming press or marketing. It has made a name for itself by relying on a good reputation, and it has also become one of Mango TV's most profitable dramas in the first half of 2020. 

When it first started airing, the Douban score shot up to 8.6, but after the finale, it dropped to 8.1 because the ending was really heartbreaking and all the candies we chased were fake. But overall, it's still a good drama worth watching. 

The story is about a high school student who time travels 20 years earlier to meet her mother in her younger days. You can watch this drama with 24 episodes on Mango TV. 

Wrapping Up

And there you have it. Our list of the top 10 hidden gems, and high-rated Chinese dramas for you to binge-watch. We hope you found some new favorites to add to your watch list. See you in the next article with more Chinese dramas, till then happy watching.

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